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What is Skype? How to Enable PTT

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Back in the days when there were no internet people whose love ones lives far from them they used letter or telegram to connect with them or they used telephones but that was expensive. After that when internet came in the market connecting with love ones gets very easier.

You can send them direct message in one second. Unlike letters which takes 7 to 15 days to reach to our love ones. But now you can even call on internet for free and even video call on internet. And see what our friends are doing now distance does not matter at all.

Now in this days many of you must use Facebook or WhatsApp or hike, to do video call or voice call. But do you know who is there boss in video calling.

I mean do you know who had video call option before today’s social media apps? The first app who had option to do video call was skype.

You can run skype on your Mac, android, iOS, or even windows but you should have a webcam or front camera to perform video call. Or else you can only make voice calls.

You can make calls for free if your friend is online at skype. And you can make calls for paid too if your friend not on skype. And it will not show your number at all. And skype is getting high tech day by day. Skype is getting new features and skypes best feature is push to talk which is also known as PTT.


Skype push to talk feature is very most popular feature in skype. It is only available in skype at the moment. And if you do not know yet that what is skype push to talk or if you do not know that how can you use that feature then stick to the post.

Skype push to talk feature is very easy to use even for desktop and window users but some people find it very hard to understand. Which make them think that it is very tough to learn? This is very opposite to their thinking it is very easy to learn.

Push to talk is a feature that turns your phone or desktop in to walkie talkie. You do not have to make several phone calls to coordinate with your friends. With just a simple one click will take to you an active group. You can use push to talk in voice or video call mode.

This feature also supports mobile and landline calls. After enabling this feature, you will see the option named toggled mute on the top of the skype window. This is your push to talk button. And now just like as walkie talkie unmute yourself when you want to say something; by clicking right click on the option.

And mute yourself again when you finish your talk. You have to mute your microphone after call begins so you can use hot key you selected to transmit your voice. When you press it and it will automatically mute you, when you release the key. This is so easy to use hope you have understand it. Hope you have found it very easy to use after reading this.


Now no more talk just let’s go to our steps. Just follow my steps carefully and you will get your push to talk enable in few minutes or second.

  1. Simply open your skype and click on tool option top of the skype window.
  2. Select option from drop down menu.
  3. Select advanced option from the bottom left side menu.
  4. Click on hot keys. And tap to mark on hotkeys enable.
  5. Now you have list of options.
  6. now go to bottom last you will see option toggle mute (push to talk)
  7. Enable this option to enable your push to talk feature.

Now you have learned how to use that feature and you already have enable that feature, on your windows desktop or laptop. Now you would like to know also that how to enable that feature on android or Mac also.

Enabling that feature on your Mac or android you do not have to do anything. The steps I mentioned above to enable PTT on desktop Will work for android or Mac also. Follow those steps and enable it on any platform you got.

That’s all we got for today. If you still have any question left in your mind or you are facing any kind of trouble, in steps, please comment below. We will get you as soon as possible. Hope this explained, that,  How to setup Skype push to talk.


At last I Would likes to say that push to talk feature is very popular. And you must need it some day for those who do not understand it still. You should use it once because some time theory works better than reading. I know you will understand it easily. That was our topic today.

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