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Web Design Tricks from Experts to Sharpen Your Instagram Business Profile

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While planning a wonderful promotional plan for Instagram, often many of you simply do not remember to take into account some of the most critical aspects of Instagram Business like Instagram Bio. Do not forget that your Instagram profile is of utmost importance as it is like a window to your Instagram account and users could be creating their first impression about your business by browsing through your Instagram Business profile.

It is like the foundation on which your entire Instagram brand promotion and marketing is relying on. Moreover, your Instagram business profile acts as the singular link that would be connecting with the users and taking them to your website’s landing pages. Your bio is actually the only element in your Instagram account where you could incorporate a URL that users could find easily and click.

You could be using 150 characters to incorporate a few important details into your Instagram bio. These details would help in telling your potential clients who you actually are, the kinds of products or services you have on offer etc. Remember that your bio must be packed with information and must look attractive and innovative too. You could boost your Instagram followers by enticing users with an attractive Instagram bio.

Things to Include on Your Instagram Profile

You must know all the basic elements that comprise a fabulous bio. Your bio must seem attractive, reliable, and definitely attention-grabbing.


Whatever you are incorporating in this particular field, it would be seen right on top of the Instagram bio and that would appear in bold text. You may insert your brand name here. You may use the allotted 30 characters maximum for the name field. Remember that the name field would be assuming a significant role in the search results of Instagram. You may consider using a strategic keyword but stay away from unnecessary and unethical keyword stuffing.


Username is actually your distinctive identity and also a fundamental portion of your page URL. It is advised by experts to use the same username across all social networking sites for your specific business.  This would help clients to not only recognize you but also remember your business well.

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Things to Include in Your Bio

Website URL: You could incorporate your website URL here and you have the liberty to keep modifying this link as and when you desire so. It is always a good idea to include a tracking code in order to keep a perfect count of the number of visitors who came to your platform.

Bio Content: Utilize 150 characters wisely using the top terms and expressions for communicating clearly your brand message, identity, and personality.

Include Emojis: Emojis could be utilized to express or demonstrate emotions well without even using words. These really sweet icons could be utilized for clear and perfect brand communication.


You must keep all your conversion goals on top of your mind while designing your Instagram profile. You may showcase your most striking products and your users would be taken to your selling page.  Suppose you just want people to like your bio or even follow you, make sure that your bio makes people swing into action which may culminate in conversion.

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