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Valuable Solutions to Lost and Dropped WiFi Connection

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There would be many reasons behind a wireless (WiFi) connection that dropped or fail randomly. Slow and spotty internet connections are much more common than you think. However, the poor internet connection would be a big reason that causes mywifiext.net error issue.

You might look at what you are doing on the internet; too much traffic on your WiFi can slow down everything on your internet to a halt.

  1. Insufficient WiFi Network Range and Power

Did you know the fact that your wireless access point has the limit and when you go beyond the limit the speed of the internet gets slow and even slower? So what you do to get rid of such issues?


  • Do not move your smart devices away from router and the modem.
  • Never do the mistake of placing your router in a cupboard, beneath or back of any device.
  • Lessen the interference of disaster creating devices.

Remember, interference of third-party devices not only causes a poor internet connection, but they also cause a big issue in mywifiext login.

  1. Interference of WiFi Radio

Radio signals from numerous devices like electronic gadgets and metal products around your house or in neighborhood can interfere with your router and its wireless signals. Bluetooth devices, garage door openers, cordless phones, microwaves, etc take down a WiFi connection whenever they are on.


  • To get the best connectivity of the router, consider placing your device away from such devices or turned them off when not in use.
  • Try placing your device away from kitchen, doors, walls, windows, etc.

Keep your router away from heat and dust.

  1. Maybe your Network is Overloaded

Your home networking system might be set up perfectly to avoid interference and boost up WiFi signals. But what if there are too many third-party devices connected on your network? The speed of the internet automatically slows down, your personal and confidential data would be hacked, your network gets overloaded with malicious files, etc.


  • To get rid of such situation, consider providing a firewall to your network.
  • Set an extra strong network name. Do not use the default credentials.
  • The network name shouldn’t exceed the limit of 8 characters.
  • It shouldn’t consist of dictionary words, but it can hold digit, number, and alphabets.

Do not change the default details before setup and configuration of any device. Heavy traffic on the network would be a big reason that causes error while logging in mywifiext.net.

  1. Outdated Driver or Firmware

Do you know the fact that the computer/ laptop connected to a network utilizes a tiny piece of software known as the “device driver”? On the other hand, networking routers contain related and updated technology known as “firmware”.

Such technology also gets corrupted. This would also be a big reason that causes wireless problems and dropped internet connection.


  • Introduce your router to the new version of technology.
  • Consider updating your devices to get rid of WiFi and com login issues.

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  1. Boost up your Internet Speed by Switching to a Range Extender

There is no doubt that range extender helps in boosting up the speed of existing WiFi network by 30-40%. But some people complaints that they are facing the same issue. What’s the reason behind spending so much of money on a range extender if they are experiencing the same issue of internet connectivity again and again?


  • The range extender supposed to be plugged in under the same roof of the router.
  • Both the devices shouldn’t be overheated.
  • The computer you are about to connect with your range extender, shouldn’t be loaded with malicious files, browsing history and malware.
  • Now, type mywifiext in the address bar of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

You should have the Mywifiext.net login Password (default). Only make changes to your default credentials under expert’s supervision.

Get instant solution for fixing up a poor internet connection, mywifiext.net setup, and range extender configuration on the mentioned toll-free number.

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