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USB Flash Data Recovery – What to Do When Data Losses

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Data recovery from a USB Flash can be performed in multiple processing modes. They have become more and more popular. The main reason for this is the low price and mobility. There is no need to disassemble the computer to connect the USB. They mostly store data from Windows, Linux and Mac OS X Apple operating systems. They are also used to back up files, just because of their low price. Just because of the excellent mobility, the data loss is the most common. In such cases, professional USB Flash drive recovery service is required.

Data Recovery on a USB Flash is often complicated by the existing USB3 interface. Because of frequent transmission and uneven handling, these types of drives are more likely to lose data. The main reason is the shocks / falls of USB. Data loss occurs when it is damaged. Logical errors also occur when the user does not log off the disk before disconnecting from a computer or laptop. These damages are also caused by an external power adapter. Often, the user has missed these power supplies with other devices. A large number of USB drives are also corrupted due to material wear. Even in these cases, it is possible to save data from them.

Typical messages and loss of data symmetries

  • No response after connecting USB to a PC
  • CRC error in Window (in combination with the message “Do you want to repair the disk?”)
  • The disc does not start
  • Very slow reading, reading errors
  • No data can be stored on the USB, cannot be read or even opened
  • The USB is not recognized by the operating system (Windows, Linus, MacOS), in most cases even the BIOS
  • Windows wants to format a disk (this message is also possible under the MacOS operating system)
  • The USB required to be formatted (Windows does not recognize the data system)

You must format the disc before using it. This is roughly the message that users see when a damaged USB is connected to a computer, even though it has run smoothly until the last minute.

The most common cause is unexpected disconnection from your computer. The user will not disconnect the USB in the bottom bar on the computer and the file system will be corrupted. As a result, the operating system does not recognize the disk properly because there are errors in the file system on the media. If there are bad sectors, this error message may also occur. Learn more about USB Flash data recovery options at this page.

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