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Tricks to organize a successful company event

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Practically all companies and companies aspire to organize one or several quality and impacting annual events, investing a lot of effort and money for this. But why are events so important? What are its advantages?  Below, IPad hire offer you the answers to these and other questions.

1. Why do a company event?

Despite the rise of new technologies and the virtual environment, face to face remains one of the most effective methods to attract new clients and close commercial agreements. Although it may seem easy, the truth is that effectively organize a corporate event is not a simple task. To consider an event as successful, it must serve to generate valuable contacts and achieve other objectives such as increasing sales, generating content with added value and offering a positive image of the organizing company. Another basic issue is to control expenses and adjust the budget correctly in order to achieve a positive return on investment.   

2. Advantages of organizing a company event

The corporate events are very powerful tools and effective communication.  They range from meetings to company dinners, including meetings, conferences, congresses, symposiums and even leisure activities for employees. Its main purpose is to establish, strengthen and intensify personal contacts, both external and internal. It is what is known as networking.

The networking is a key element in any strategy of growth or development of a company since it allows, among other things, to obtain recognition and prominence in the sector, increase sales and explore new lines of business.

An event can be organized to have an international impact or be a simple meeting with potential clients of the sector, depending on the time required to organize it. The success, in any of the cases, will be found in the details, that everything goes well and that the attendees will find it a pleasant experience. And with that, the budget is not everything: you can do great things with a smaller budget provided that it is planned properly.

In addition, why you want to make a corporate event is the basis of this and guide us to prepare. We are not going to focus the same one to make our new product known that another to try to attract customers or only for the workers of the company. From the purpose, the event will also depend on the audience that will attend.

Whatever its form or typology, this type of acts occupy a very important place in the communication strategies of companies for the advantages listed below:

Based on the type of company event and number of attendees, a budget must be assigned that must be adjusted without, never, affecting the quality of the event so that the company does not see its reputation damaged. It is better that the event passes without pain or glory to the attendees leave disgruntled. Make the organization prevail over everything, regardless of the budget.

Generate and disseminate corporate content:  Events, meetings and other events are very effective communication tools both internally and externally. This means that they are very positive both to publicize the products or services of the company to real and potential customers, as well as to other companies in the sector. You can also launch internal information campaigns and strengthen ties among employees themselves. In addition, they allow improving the image of the company both external (potential customers, general opinion) and internal (workers, suppliers, etc.).

They enable and foster interpersonal relationships: Business events are a great opportunity to expand our network of contacts or networking, meeting in person clients, colleagues and other professionals.

Improve motivation and work climate: Few activities can be more effective to motivate employees and help them recover their strength, or to combat the stress caused by daily work routine, than a congress or meeting where leisure and work are combined in a destination attractive.

Another variant can be the organization of a recreational activity, such as a paintball championship or a gastronomic day where the employees of a company have the opportunity to strengthen ties, iron out rough edges and get to know each other in the personal sphere and not only in the workplace. The possibilities are endless.

They serve to reward achievements or recognize successes: The organization of a special dinner or a party can be the ideal context to recognize, thank and celebrate in a group certain achievements and objectives achieved by a professional, a team or the whole company.

They enhance business and sales: From a quantitative point of view, the main benefit of the events is that they allow, by the intensity of the contacts that are achieved and by their promotional effect, to increase sales and do business.

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