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Today we will learn about “TOP TEN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES” and they are as under


Java is of the most used programming language.which is being used by NINE million computer developers. this language was basically designed which can easily run on any device and this is the reason software developers of television, smartphones use this language. The Java users are increasing day by day due to the rapidly increasing popularity of Android users in our market. It is a simple readable programming language with increasing amount of developers. For back-end development, 5oo companies are using Java as the server-side programming language. Java is rank as no.#1 programming language which is being used globally.


It is one of the most used high-level language and dynamic programming language. This programming language is also used in universities around the world. It has great job demands. The graph of this language is growing great from last five years. This language has an ability of automatic manage memory it can support multiple programs running at a time. It is a general-purpose programming language if you simply think for a job then Python is here for you. It is declared as one of the best programming languages running in 2017 rank as 2nd.


The most popular language used for writing of web applications this language is ranked at 3rd no.# by programming community mostly developers use PHP for the building of dynamic websites. It is known as server-side scripting language it helps us to build up simple and dynamic web pages. It stores data in integer form this makes it different from other programming languages. More than 80 percent of our websites are using PHP like facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress and more. If anybody wishes to become a web developer than PHP is the main programming language you have to learn.


This language is a client-side dynamic scripting programming language which is one of the most popular languages because of javascript we can add effects to the web pages and develops games. The programming community ranks it as no.#4 programming language it provides online programs to users and including video games and more.90 percent of all the web pages are using Javascript which id running on all modern browsers and it is different from Java. One of the most used programming language.


Based on c(sharp) language. Whereas c++ is a great programming language which is influenced by other modern programming languages. Tons of software, applications and frim ware work is done by c++ at a time. It is the language which is a mixture of both high level and low-level programming language. It is a powerful programming language. It is the 5th most popular programming language


This language is ranked on 6th no.# by programming community the best way for use of this language is in web programming. This language is the most favorite among developers. It is also a server-side application it provides structure for the database, web pages, and web programs.


It is a new programming language which is also designed by Microsoft with the great range of applications this language experiences a growing popularity every year as compared to C language and C++ language this one is a way more simple.


(structured query language) 50,ooo users increase every year. One of the most famous programming language. It is a specific language used for managing data. It can perform many actions in only single command it is a fast programming language. It gives us the opportunity for numbers of a job.


It is developed by Apple it also an open source programming language with the great increasing growth of developers kit is used for building applications it reduces the length of code it also saves our time. It is also known as general purpose programming language it is basically designed to work for Apple products.


It is a language which has gained a lot of popularity this year. It is a general-purpose programming language it is also a dynamic and high-level programming language. It has a great powerful text processing facilities without setting the data limit. It does borrow some great features from other programming languages. more technology-related blog? follow on technoflavours.com.

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