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Top 5 Ways to Boost your Home WiFi System

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WiFi is one of the most important developments in the evolution of internet. In today’s modern world, no one wants to stick with desktop for accessing high-speed internet. It is the most frustrating part. That is why people go with the process of NETGEAR Extender Setup in order to roam freely all over the house. If you are overwhelmed or plagued by a sluggish speed or other WiFi issues, consider following the below-given ways to power up the WiFi system in your home.

  1. Use the latest WiFi technologies

Making use of up-to-date hardware is the best way to make your network fast, secure and reliable. If you often stream videos on ChromeCast or smartphones, having a wireless AC connection will ease video streaming. Also, use the latest router firmware to complete the process of New Extender Setup. Setting up a range extender with the old version of router may cause poor connectivity and signal breakage and results failure in the process of setup. Follow steps to complete the process successfully.

  • Plug in range extender and router. If you don’t see any LED lights on your range extender, consider plugging it to another wall socket.
  1. Launch a web browser on computer or laptop. Once you have opened the web browser, either type mywifiext.net or in the address bar.
  • If you see an error message while logging in mywifiext, consider using another web browser. Before anything else, clear the entire browsing history including cache and cookies from computer.
  • After that, fill the default username and password in the required fields. Check NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Manual for default login details. If the manual has been misplaced, talk to an expert at toll-free number 1-888-927-4505.


  1. Find the perfect spot for router

We understand that routers may be ugly, but it doesn’t mean you should hide them behind TV cabinets or back of any device. For best signals, place router in an open place that supposed to be free of any obstruction, walls and mirrors. If your router’s optimal location is a space without a flat surface or table, consider mounting it using third-party mounting bracket. Also, point antennas of the router in straight-vertical position and keep it away from heat and dust.

  1. Keep Router away from metal appliances

There can be any household equipments or third-party neighboring devices which can cause interferences. Basically, appliances like cordless phones, microwaves, speakers, security alarms can mess with router’s WiFi signals. If you don’t want to switch to a new hardware, consider moving your router away from such interference-causing appliances.

  1. Create a strong security for network

You can now protect your WiFi connections from other users by just applying the combination of proper password protection and network name. If you set a unique blend of SSID and passphrase, outsiders will be completely helpless to connect with your network. You should know and accept the fact that router’s administration username and password should be changed immediately after the process of installation. In addition, you should turn on WPA2 security on the wireless network. WPA2 is more safe and secure as compared to old version of security protocols i.e. WPA and WEP.

  1. Control bandwidth-hogging applications

You might have 4-5 members in your house who regularly stream videos, play online games, do video chats, download large stuff or files from internet. You know what that it means? It means that they are hogging bandwidth and making the speed of your WiFi much slower. Luckily, in today’s modern world, you can use the feature namely QoS (Quality of Service) to control the bandwidth hogging by other users. Moreover, you can also use the feature parental control and guest access with the help of NETGEAR Genie app. This feature is meant to create a guest network for friends and family members. Once you enabled this function, there is no need to share the WiFi network password with them.

It is also recommended to change the login details in every 2-3 months. If possible, do not share your password with everyone. For any kind of technical help, get in touch with industry experts and resolve all your issues in an instant manner.

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