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Top 5 External Hard Drives Company of 2016

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More and more people are opting for an external hard drive to upgrade their lapotop’s storage capacity.

When it comes to keeping personal data safe, many find themselves up against Murphy’s Law — phones in the toilet, vanishing luggage, and laptops swimming in chai tea. Backing up personal data from your gadgets to a separate device is the number-one way to ensure the security of your information, and that’s why choosing the right external hard drive is an absolute must.

While solid state drives (SSDs) remain relatively expensive for the amount of storage on offer, standard USB external hard drives are becoming better and better value. Prices continue to tumble, and capacities increase.

Here is top 5 External Hard Drives:



The Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive gives you 4 terabytes of speedy storage you can take with you, as well as a personal cloud, all for a very reasonable price. This drive may look basic but the basic model boasts 2TB of storage. You also get 3TB and 4TB. It’s our pick of the bunch for sheer space and simplicity. We think it’s probably best suited for storing files you access rarely, such as archive photos. A new 2015 variant changes the rather staid design for a chequered one, but is slightly more expensive for the same capacities.



There are plenty of SSDs on the market, just not portable ones. Currently, Samsung’s 250GB Portable T1 SSD packs the most storage per dollar among all its relatively few competitors. And if Apple chose Samsung’s ultra-fast storage for its new MacBook Air, the company must be doing something right. With hard drives, it’s value that often wins the day and while Segate’s Expansion does it on sheer bang for your buck, Samsung’s M3 is the best value drive in the portable segment. A 500GB version is also available but we don’t recommend it, as it’s not much cheaper than the 1TB version. Like many portable drives, it’s USB powered. It also features some PC software that enables you to password protect your drive.



One of the only drives where the 500GB is significantly cheaper than the 1TB, which means you can have fantastic portable storage for not much but you can afford it. The 1TB is also slightly cheaper than the Samsung, but it still loses out the the Samsung in this list simply because, well, it’s also a bit ugly. And for a portable drive, you want something that you’re not afraid to get out of your bag.

Western Digital(WD)


The 2TB Western Digital My Passport Ultra adds color options, 256-bit hardware encryption, and a longer-than-average warranty to a solid portable hard drive. At just 15mm thick, the 1TB USB-powered My Passport Ultra is not only available in several colours (black, blue, red and grey) but also features hardware encryption and auto-backup software for your PC. Should you wish, you can even use this to create a further backup in your Dropbox. A nice feature for complete peace of mind. It’s also shock-tolerant. Mac users will need to reformat the drive, as it is formatted for NTFS out of the box. There’s also a 2TB version available, too, though the 2TB version of Samsung’s M3 represents much better value.



A similar drive to the WD Ultra in terms of cost and capacities available but this drive has two key benefits. First is the shock resistance. It’s designed to meet the drop test standards demanded by the US Military; there’s a silicon shell on the outside as well as more standard casing and damper tech around the actual drive. Second is a one-touch backup feature – a nice bonus, and it adds to a likeable package for the price.

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