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Top 5 Apple Pencil Alternatives You Can Buy

Apple Pencil
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Apple and its products have always stolen the limelight. Whether it be iPods, iPhones or MacBooks, the products are one of its kind. People across the world spend thousands of dollar to purchase the rather fancy and sleek Apple products. However, there are individuals who wish the products came in affordable bundles like Spectrum bundles so they could also own them.  Anyhow, while the laptops and mobile phones that the company offers have no cheap alternatives, the stylus for the iPad and iPhone has many.

Numerous companies have introduced their versions of stylus that can be a cheap alternative to the Apple Pencil. Amongst the most famous ones are:

Adonit Pixel

With a 1.9mm stylus tip, Adonit pixel has features that not even the Apple Pencil itself has. For instance, the stylus comes with two built-in shortcut buttons including ‘erase’ and ‘redo’. However, Adonit pixel is not compatible with iPad Pro-Line. The only iPad versions that it works best with are the various iPad and iPad mini models. This stylus is even compatible with iPhones including the model 5 and all versions newer than that. It comes with a grip sensor that allows the stylus that activates the stylus once you hold it in your hands. Apart from this, it allows you to create strokes of varying widths with a palm rejection feature that makes it easier to work with the stylus. By enabling the latter feature you get rid of any marks that you palm might make on the screen. It will only capture the movements of the stylus. You can also use the stylus with an array of apps which include AstroPad.

AdonitPixel comes in an aluminum body and you can choose from a black or bronze version of the stylus.

FiftyThree Pencil

Do you remember those pencils that had a mini rubber on one end? Well, FiftyThree Pencil offers a similar feature. The stylus has the writing tip at one end and an in-built digital eraser on the other. Apart from this feature, the wooden body of the stylus also gives it a real pencil look that you used to write with back in school. FiftyThree Pencil also comes with a  palm rejection feature and allows you to use your hands to blend in colors or smoothen edges of a drawing if you wish to. The stylus takes its inspiration from the famous carpenter pencil. Hence, the flat body. This makes it easy to use as you do not need to stop it from rolling off the desk every now and then.

FiftyThree Pencil is compatible with most of the iPad models and even works best with iPhone 4S and the later models.

Wacom Bamboo Duo

Because it does not need the power to operate, Wacom Bamboo Sketch works well with any and every touchscreen device. It is not just a stylus, it comes with an inbuilt ball pen as well. The magnetic cover makes it possible for you to not lose it as you can attach it to the other end of the pen or stick it to the iPad cover. The stylus comes in a triangular design and is compatible with many iPad and iPhone models.

Adonit Jot Pro

This stylus does not have a Bluetooth connection but still has the ability to work wonders. It has a plastic disc at its tip that allows the screen of the iPad or iPhone to recognize the touch input. However, the stylus does not come with the palm rejection feature that can pose a problem. But it gives you a free hand when it comes to writing and drawing. You can draw at any angle that you please. The latest model of the stylus comes with a cushion tip that makes the whole writing experience rather smooth and noise free. So, if you are looking for a low-cost alternative to an Apple Pencil, resort to Adonit Jot Pro.

Bamboo Fineline

With a 1.9mm tip, Bamboo Fineline is a Bluetooth enabled stylus as well. The fine tip of the stylus is sensitive to the various degrees of pressure applied to it. However, you always have an option to disable this sensitivity feature if you are not comfortable using it. It comes equipped with a micro USB port allowing you to charge it anywhere you wish to and has a cap to cover the tip so you can easily carry it around.

With so many cheap and high-quality alternatives to choose from, I do not see the need to invest in an expensive stylus like Apple Pencil. I am always in search of things that are either free or low in cost. However, I was recently surprised to hear that the Spectrum Customer service that I used to call so frequently, charges us money. I mean how dumb is that! Why did I think that customer service numbers did not charge us money!

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