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Top 10 Reason to use LED lights

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LED aka the light emitting diode is the most advanced form of lighting equipment till date. It is a 3rd generation of lights after the discovery of the conventional incandescent light bulb to the CFLs and then the LEDs.

In this detailed post we would be learning about the LED lights in detail and get to know the top 10 reason why we should use them instead of any other light.

LED Working Principle:

LED works on the principle of electroluminescence. You must have heard about p-n junction diodes. The LED is nothing but a p-n junction diode which emits light when electricity is passed through the diode, the electrons combine with the electron holes. On combining they release photons which are nothing but light energy and that is how you are able to view visible light.

So now that you have learned about the working principle of the LED, without wasting further time, let’s dive in know why we should use them.

  1. LED lights are robust: LED lights are super robust. This means, they are stronger than the conventional light bulbs and CFL lights. In most of the cases, you must have observed light bulbs bursting but that case is not the same with the LED lights as they are highly durable and robust.
  2. LED lights are Energy Efficient: LED lights are nearly 15 time more energy efficient than the conventional lights such as the halogens, CFLs, HPS lights. They consume very less electricity to form visible light and that is the biggest USP of the LED lights.
  3. LED lights save electricity: It is obvious, LED lights are super energy efficient. This means, they will consume less electricity and thus save nearly 80% of your electricity bill.
  4. They do not warm up: Like the conventional light bulbs, the LED lights do not warm up when being lightened for a long time. The case in the incandescent bulbs is different as they heat up a lot when exposed to usage for a long time.
  5. They are compact: As compared to the bulbs and CFLs, LEDs are very compact. If you have observed, the LED lights being really small don’t use much space.
  6. LED lights are more bright: Don’t believe my words, check yourself. The LED lights are super bright and that too while consuming only 10% of the total energy of that is used by the incandescent bulbs.
  7. They have more life: The LED lights have a life of 30,000 hours as compared to incandescent light bulbs which is just 10,000 hrs.
  8. They come with a warranty: The LED lights are manufactured and go through a strict quality assurance. Most of the LED lights come with an warranty between 2-5 years.
  9. They can be used for different purpose: The LED lights are used for both commercial as well as conventional purposes. They are use for home lighting as well as decoration lights. In the recent times, the LEDs are utilised as headlamps in the automobiles and as well as grow lights for growing indoor plants.
  10. Emit less UV and IR rays: The LEDs emit rarely any IR or UV rays which is quite common the conventional light bulbs.

The LED lights have more advantages than disadvantages and you have seen most of its advantages in this detailed post. Apart from that, some of the cons of the LEDs include- manufacturing cost which is very high as compared to normal bulbs. Also, the LED lights cannot work for long hours in high temperatures. Also, they scatter less as compared to the halogens.

Seeing to the above facts, you can decide for yourself whether the LEDs are good for you or not. Apart from the cost, we guess, the benefits of the LED are more than its cons.

So that was all about the LED lights. We hope you must have enjoyed reading the post. Please share your views in the comments section below. We would be happy to know your views.

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