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The Benefits Of Video Animation For Business Marketing

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When it comes to business marketing, animated videos have become the most powerful tool. Theses video animations can tell the story of your brand and product within the matter of few seconds, in a fun and engaging way.

The marketers, being aware of what they can bring to the table, use this medium to introduce a business to the audience. They do it because people now prefer getting entertained by fun and engaging video rather than reading a chunk of text to get the information they are looking for.

There are many benefits to making an amusing marketing video that can be exploited by businesses, no matter big or small. So let’s discuss the benefits of these fantastic marketing resources in detail.

The videos are easy to share on various social media platforms

A business is more likely to get more prospects by creating an enjoyable video as it is easy to share via social media. In simpler words, by making a video, your audience will become your business marketers.

Designing animated videos are also easier and cheaper to make as compared to other types of videos. If we take for instance a live commercial video, it would need a whole cast and crew for shooting which can be expensive. Along with the cast and crew you’ll need a shooting place, a location, the developers’, scriptwriters, equipment which will be a lot more than designing an animated video. In some cases, you also need to hire a graphic designer and animator too, and that’s a lot more money.

When it comes to small businesses, they can use the animated videos which is a lot more cost-effective than the other types and a lot more engaging than a TV commercial.

Animate videos are memorable

It is a fact that human minds are capable of processing an image 50,000 times faster than a group of written words which lasts for a long time than what they have read on a blog or article.  Other than for marketing animated videos or presentations can be used in business presentations instead of using power points to incorporate an idea into a business partner or board members.

An animated video is way more compelling than using presentation and written materials. Compelling in a way that after watching the video they will know about your product and will feel closer to the brand. They might not follow the call-to-action right away, but they will definitely think of using it in the near future.

Easy to make

For most small businesses who are new in the industry, it is difficult to keep the budget for animation and other marketing tactics. With many technological advancements, it has become easier to design an explainer animated video or as others might call it a video presentation on your own. There are many online animated video presentation makers which is accessible and easy to use.

With these online platforms, anyone can make videos for free or for a minimal amount as a fee. You just have to keep in notice that you need to design characters and videos that are more fun to watch and the colors of your brand wisely.

Explainer videos can generate more conversions

An explainer video has the ability to go straight to the audience’s heart. If you manage to make a video that is both entertaining and give the right message, then your video will make a deep connection between your customers and the brand, ultimately generating more sales.

Google and YouTube harmonize with animated videos  

Google is the most important search engines of them all and can boost your business sales by turning marketing videos into captivating pieces for google. However, be careful to add suitable headings and description for the video and also incorporate convenient tags where required.

Think about it: a website with animation on it, can increase the website traffic 2 to 3 times more doubling the time they spent on the site including an increase of 157% in traffic from the search engines.

Like google YouTube is another search engine where most of the potential customers search for the product they are considering to buy. So you have to make sure that your video is attractive enough for it to be posted on YouTube. A worth-mentioning advantage of posting your explainer video on YouTube is that you can be an anonymous marketing unit and the customers would have to visit your website for information.

Final thoughts

No matter a big business or a small one, your business matters deeply to you. Therefore you need a way to market it so you can expand it. Explainer videos are highly beneficial for a business as it is engaging and easy to share. Along with that, they are cheaper as compared to other types of videos and way more successful in telling your story to the audience.  Don’t take them lightly; they can increase your sales just by a single share!

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Making animated videos is not a big deal but catching the eyes of a consumer is absolutely great, and I am pro in it.

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