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Take a PMP Certification Training to Advance in Project Management!

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In today’s world of cutthroat competition, most prominent organizations and corporate houses look for certified project managers. The job of a project manager is extremely crucial, and that is why most recruiters look for individuals with Project Management Professional or PMP certification in their resumes.

A PMP certificate is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is the highest globally accepted certificate in the field of management. However, to get it one has to sit for an exam consisting of 200 questions, conducted by the PMI, and also possess specific skills required for project management. For this, one may undergo training from any institute; for instance, there are several institutes offering help for PMP certification in Pune.

What are the advantages of having a PMP certification?

Project managers have the most critical task in a project. Right from planning the project in the beginning, to its execution, it is the job of project managers to oversee everything and prevent any glitch from happening. A project manager does not work for one particular department but is responsible for handling each aspect of the project seamlessly.

Since it is a job with many responsibilities, only a person with prior experience as a project manager, team leader, manager, associate manager etc. is eligible for PMP certification.

However, even though the rules to apply for the course are stringent, an individual can enjoy many advantages after acquiring it. For instance:

  • PMP certification is recognized globally. Any person who is certified has the freedom to work in any industry around the world.
  • Individuals with PMP certification may enjoy a steep hike in salary much faster than those without.
  • The certification allows an individual to become a part of a global group. This group is close-knit and shares various tips and trends about the market and industries.
  • Acquiring a PMP certificate allows an individual to grow professionally. They can take up more complex projects and challenge themselves continually.
  • A certified individual comes under the radar of recruiters much more efficiently than the people who aren’t.

Thus from the cited points, we can conclude that acquiring a PMP certificate is overall an excellent step for anyone looking to expand their careers as project managers.

Procedure to get PMP certification Pune:

The certificate is awarded by the prestigious PMI only after candidates sit for an exam. But firstly, candidates must be eligible for the exam. A person willing to apply for certification must have around three years of experience as a project manager, team leader, manager, product manager etc. and thirty five hours of formal training in project management.

An individual should undergo a training before taking the examination for the certificate. The training includes benefits like learning risk management, learning basic project management terms and expanding one’s vocabulary. It also includes learning various aspects of the five process groups etc.

Several institutions offer training for PMP certification through various online and offline workshops. Individuals can choose these workshops to gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to become a project manager. This can be done before taking the examination for certification.


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