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Witcher 3 New Infographic

According to the official Twitter account of the game,the game will unlock in Europe at 1 AM CET.Gamestop details the features of the game in the following image :

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Witcher 3 Screenshots Comparison Shows Possible Downgrade

Merely thirteen days separate hungry RPG fans from the release of CD Projekt RED‘s third chapter in Geralt of Rivia’s adventures. In order to further increase the hype surrounding the game (as if it was at all possible), the studio just shared these new The Witcher 3 screenshots on their Facebook page; interestingly, they also censored the quest log details, likely to protect fans from unwanted spoilers. See Another ScreenShots : Show New Monsters and a Baking Desert Still, the debate around the potential graphics downgrade hasn’t completely died down in the community. In fact, user Makaan70 from the official The ...

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Witcher 3 New Screens Showing Beauty Of Game

In a press release, NVIDIA announced that Batman: Arkham Knight is being added to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GPU bundle; if you’re going to buy a GTX 980 or 970 videocard, you’ll receive free codes for both games. New witcher 3 screenshots showing beauty of game in ultra detail. HairWorks and HBAO+ won’t be featured in the console versions of The Witcher 3, of course, though CD Projekt RED assured that their own internal solution still looks very good.

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Witcher 3 New Screenshots to Show New Monsters and a Baking Desert

A variety of brand new Witcher 3 photos happen to be placed about the standard Witcher 3 FB webpage just lately, which often shoes, HUD as well as many. A few of the pursuit descriptions happen to be confused available to cover spoilers, but normally the photos give you a superior sense involving what the action will truly appear like in comparison with most of the set show off photos we now have observed up to now. Hopefully you’ll find choices in order to reduce in size in which HUD straight down a tad. The Witcher 3 is only a ...

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Witcher 3 New Screenshots showing Geralt in action

New screenshots released on the official facebook page for The Witcher 3 show Geralt annihilating a winged beast, out and about in the world exploring, and living the life of Reily amidst a bustling feast.   Check out the in-game screenshots of Witcher 3 in action.                  

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Witcher 3 to Take More Than 200 Hours

Polish developer CD Projekt Red’s upcoming open-world role-playing game The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt could take you 200 hours or more to complete. Back in 2011, Witcher 2 released with 50+ hours of content. Now, developer CD project red already stated that it will take up more than 50 hours to complete the main story missions aside the side quests and mini-boss fights. The good news is the kindly folk of CD Project Red have presumably stopped sleeping in order to provide Witcher 3 with over 200 hours of content. This comes according to senior game designer Damien Monnier, who said ...

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