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Samsung Build 3D Enabled 11K Mobile Display

This is going to be good! It’s the kind of news that could only possibly appear on a Friday, so enjoy it as much as we did. Basically, Samsung is making a 11K resolution mobile display! You heard that right – 11K resolution and 2250 pixels per inch! While most people are still trying to wrap their heads around 4K displays (and 8K screens aren’t that far off), Samsung is setting up an even more ambitious milestone: It wants to build an 11K mobile display by 2018, reports Korea’s Electronic Times. Yes, 11K! That’s an eye-melting 2,250 pixels per inch, around ...

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Samsung Shows Off Simband, a Futuristic Health Tracker

Hoping to take the lead in the race to build the ultimate wearable device, Samsung offered a sneak peak Wednesday at its next-generation health-tracking wristband, known as the Simband. Using different wavelengths of light beamed at your skin, Simband will track multiple measures of its wearer’s health continuously, such as blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, hydration level, and the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood. The one Simband demonstrated on stage at Samsung’s “Voice of the Body” event in San Francisco showed a continuous stream of heartbeat information, seismograph-style, such as one might see on a hospital-grade ECG machine. ...

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