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GTA 5 PC : Flyable UFO Mod

Now you can fly UFO in GTA 5 PC version with the new mod.

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GTA 5 Mod : Flying Monkey that Shoots

Grand Theft Auto V Was Missing Was A Flying Monkey With A Gun That Shoots Exploding Cars. Move over, Goat Simulator, Grand Theft Auto V modding is giving you a run for your money. This video is entirely too short, but it shows off some of the crazy things modders are doing with the game. In the 40-second video below, you’ll believe a monkey can fly. But first, it will shoot a submachine gun that expels exploding cars.  

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GTA 5 : Gravity Gun

GTA 5 modders have made a dream come true, adding a gravity gun to your arsenal of mayhem-causing weaponry. GTA 5 isn’t ready for this. It looks like a heck of a lot of fun, but the poor old Los Santos po po can’t deal with the resulting carnage at all. If Rockstar were ever to implement something like this it’d have to be strictly limited by ammo or something, because it pretty much breaks the game.Checkout : 

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GTA 5 : Hotline Miami is the best video created

Watch the best video of GTA 5 created on the internet with the elements of Hotline Miami.

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GTA 5 PC to Include Director Mode , Will Support Dual and Triple Monitor Sets and 3D Option

With GTA 5 PC to set on the release of April 14, pc version will be going to be packed with director mode which will allow users to edit cut-scenes and trailers in-game. Rockstar clearly learned many things from GTA 4 release on the pc platform. They are very careful this time,delay provided the developers to include new weather effects, new vehicles,dual and triple monitor support and 3D option. Yes, GTA 5 shines in 4K quality but you can enjoy the heist experience in 1080 pixel resolution in rig with average specs. Rockstar Games developer says, “One of the goals ...

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