Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Apple will Open Office in India to Accelerate Their Maps Development

Apple just announced the opening of a new $25 million development center in Hyderabad, India with the primary purpose of accelerating Maps development. It’ll also create 4,000 jobs, according to the press release. The news was first reported by Bloomberg on Tuesday. Apple had a rough start with Maps when it launched on iOS in 2012. Prior to that, Google Maps had been the default maps app for iPhone users. Last year, Apple said that Apple Maps receives 5 billion requests per week and is used 3.5-times more frequently than the “next leading maps app.” It still lags Google Maps in features, however, ...

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Apple iPhone 6s Details leaked

Courtesy of folks over at China, we take a look at the iPhone 6s’ first benchmark posting. And it come with a disappointment on board. 989 MB of RAM on the iPhone 6s should be another chip in the armor of Apple’s upcoming flagship, which is already being speculated to not see any positive growth after its launch, due to very little feature upgrades. Feature upgrades and refinement have always been the trademark of Apple’s ‘S’ lineup of iPhones so we’d advise not considering anything to be set in stone right now. It could very possibly be that Apple’s testing ...

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Apple Macs in Big Trouble After Reveal of New Worm Thunderstrike 2

Hacks that exploit firmware are considered particularly dangerous because they are especially hard to find —because security software meant to find it doesn’t scan firmware — and then get rid of. It would also be hard for Apple to protect against, according to the researchers, and extra difficult to get rid of once it happens because users would have to reset the whole chip. That would mean that the attack would likely sit forever on the chip once it was installed, giving hackers lasting control over the device. “[The attack is] really hard to detect, it’s really hard to get ...

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What to Expect From Apple at WWDC

Monday kicks off Apple’s annual week-long developer conference, WWDC. At its opening keynote, the company will surely offer a sneak peek at the next generation of Mac and iOS software. But Apple often gives us a first look at new hardware and partner products too, like the MacBook Pro with Retina Display in 2012 and last year’s onstage debut of Anki Drive. So what’s in store for this year’s keynote? Based on what we know about Apple, iOS, Mac OS X, as well as whispers from various “inside sources” in Cupertino, we can expect big news around health and home ...

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