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Stay in Touch! Popular Apps to Know What is Going On!

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Preparing for a trip is exhausted and time-taking. Your journey can be interesting and adventurous. You are going to meet a lot of new people, excited places, and bright emotions. So, you are already packed and ready for a trip. What about conveniences? You will never get tired if you use 14cars from your phone. This can be your helpful hand to book a car beforehand for the cheapest price. There are also many apps to reserve a hotel in the city you are going to. Still, it is not enough to feel comfortable. You need to have your friends near by side to share pictures and impressions. Don’t worry, the world offers a lot of apps to you. They help you to stay in touch with your fellows.

Of course, you already have such popular apps as Facebook or WhatsApp on your phone. But if not, you may upload a couple of new apps that are available for Android and iPhone. So, here we go!



  1. WhatsApp

Do you already have WhatsApp on your smartphone? This popular app is good for sharing your fresh pictures with close people. There is one function that would be interesting for you. It’s a group chat. You can be included in a group of close friends or any other group according to your interests. Thus, going to travel with friends, you can make a group of these people to stay always in touch and discuss everything that is important on the go. WhatsApp is good not only for chatting and sharing pictures. Traditionally, you can make video calls, send messages, post and edit pictures you like the most. WhatsApp is not new, but still actively used all over the world.

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  1. Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messenger seems to be the same thing as WhatsApp. You have an opportunity to communicate with people from different countries, send them calls and messages. There is also a function to make a group chat. For modern people Messenger means some free space, where they spend the biggest part of life. What is the difference? You don’t need to show your personal phone number to join messenger. No one can see it. What is more, FB Messenger offers a big choice of GIF and digital pictures for fun. The list of topics you want to discuss is big. Of course, you can send your voice messages and receive messages from your friends in return. It is faster than calling!

  1. Skype

Some people pick WhatsApp, others prefer Facebook. But there are people who still use Skype Credit for their phone to stay in touch with their friends. Actually, it is already on your phone, so, use it with pleasure.




  1. Signal

Signal is a unique app that is useful to communicate with your friends by signaling them. This is safe and no one can read what you’ve written even if they suddenly see your message. What is more, your chat consists of time messages. If you forget to delete them, your app will do it for you automatically. The app is attractive for business communication and for confidential talks.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is rather new app, which is good for Android and iPhone. It works mostly for talking, not for chatting. What does it mean? The app is focused on making video messages. Besides, it may be not a video call, but video clip. It’s when you make a video when you do something or want to show something interesting and send it as a clip afterwards.

  1. GroupMe

GroupMe belongs to Microsoft and designed mostly for group chats. Traditionally, you create a group of people you want to talk to and stay in touch with them as long as you need. This is the fastest way how you can know about your friends’ life, their happy moments and business ideas.

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  1. Twitter

Have some news to share? Twit them! Twitter is the best way to contact many people altogether. This app is also good to read the latest news in the sphere you want. Also, you can hide your messages if you have no desire someone will read them. Honestly, there is no big difference between Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Google Allo

You cannot say that Google app is very popular now, but still used to contact friends. It is good for both, Android and iPhone platforms. As the most of popular apps, it has a wide choice of animated stickers and emoji. Unless, you can use Google Assistant every time you want to find the answer your question, like where to find budget place for dinner, or something like that. Time messages help you to stay incognito.

There are many other interesting apps that help you to stay in touch with your close people whenever you are. They are helpful for travelers to share their emotions, make interesting videos, send video and chat messages. You may use time-honored Facebook or Google Allo. That’s so cool that you have much to do and so many ways to share your information with close people.

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