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Secure Your Links with Content/Link Building Strategy

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Building high-quality links is very hard.

Yes, we understand. It is extremely challenging for the most seasoned SEO experts too.

You must be looking for the ways to shorten the link building learning curves and start getting lead generation in most possible short time duration.

This day and age, you are creating articles, blogs, stories, case studies because you want it to be covered on other sites and get links. Importantly, link building

is the driving force to that content creation, and sharing. In fact, it doubles the duty where your content is expected to be linked, seen, and shared by the massive targeted audiences.

Being said that, content marketing and syndication is associated directly or indirectly with the linking. And that’s the reason behind the successful websites with high PA and DA.

First off, let me introduce the main purpose of link building beside just securing links to influence search engine rankings.

Google has become smarter!

Two decades ago, when it appeared on the board, it immediately surpassed rest of the search engines like Lycos, Infoseek etc. Surprisingly, Google topped because of these two basic reasons.

They observed most of the search services were provided on the internet targeting the homepage only. Thus, turning them into a “portal” for internet world instead of providing the best possible search experience to the users.

Perhaps, most importantly, Google forerun the link building as a powerful mean of estimating the quality of web pages by using its PageRank Algorithm. This idea proved to be very successful for Google.

Previously, almost all links were similar to academic literature citations. It was considered as endorsement of one web page for another page. It was observed that links pointing to particular page are of high quality than a page pointing to the other webpages.

In short, Google with its PageRank Algorithm found that links from authoritative pages were comparatively better than link build web pages.

At that moment, Google blew out of the water from its competitors and made SEO experts realize that they should focus on Google. They need to craft a better link building strategy because it became the essential part of Search Engine Optimization.

Nowadays, SEO companies use quality linking tactics for scalable link building success. Cape Cod digital marketing SEO professionals follow the same and have been building high-quality backlinks with a year of evolution. They don’t just focus on quality linking but also on content creation. After all, both of these terms are inter-linked. Their content stands out from rest of the marketers that really helped them value and rank their content on Google SERP and get reciprocal links in return from high domain authority and page authority websites.

This ultimately drives people back to client’s businesses. Get the complete content-based link building plan from them. And move to the next step of link building to link earning.

Meet the Standard Goals of Content

For this, you need to identify business opportunities, based on various content themes and content types. We don’t have much resources to create content with a little bit hope of getting a better ROI. So, keep yourself updated with the latest content trends on google search engine.

Identify the Core Topic Themes

After setting the standard goals for the content, break out its themes and give precedence to the content only, if it will help you to achieve your goals with targeted audiences. You can use various keyword research tools to identify the user interest-based topics and then align them with business requirements. Hence, best data-backed strategy is built for you that can take your content/link building efforts around your business objectives and specific targeted keywords.

Create a Linkable Content

Linkable content has multiple elements; original research, strong hook, compelling visuals that include videos, motion graphics, infographics, memes, GIFs and charts. This all comes with the resources baked in to make your content valuable.

Before creating a linkable content, you need to run content gap analysis to identify missing large link building opportunities and then add some extra efforts to get your content placed by showing the host site.

Don’t write for search engines! Write for audience!

Write for the people who come to your webpage, read, share and bring you a high conversion rate.

Make your content worthy with the quality links and set up to be spread across.

If you want to convert your content/link building into sales, learn more from us.

Start Writing with us!

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Stuart Clock is a web entrepreneur and he loves to write about tech, gadgets and latest trending news. He explores his words in the article with his tremendous skill. Apart from blogging, he is doing journalism and working hard as an editor in some tech/world news sites. His ambition to be a famous blogger in the web world. Apart from his business he loves to do travelling, playing cricket and snooker is his favourite game.

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