Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rockstar Working On A Version Of Video Editor For GTA V On Xbox One And PS4

Grand Theft Auto fans are already making some impressive videos with the Rockstar Editor on PC. But perhaps you’re a console player with a cinematic eye that wants to get in on the action. Good news, console fans can get their chance soon.

In a news post, Rockstar says that the video editing simply isn’t possible on last-gen hardware. However, a version of the Rockstar Editor is currently in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The publisher hasn’t offered any specifics yet about what a version tailored for consoles might look like or if it will be similarly featured.

Rockstar also says that The Lab radio station from the PC version will be headed to all four consoles in a future update. The Self Radio option won’t be though, as it pulls from your MP3s (and is beyond what the consoles can support at this time).

The publisher is also monitoring Grand Theft Auto online to curb cheating and mods that circumvent the systems. While a recent update did break a number of mods, Rockstar says that it wasn’t intentional and the policies have not changed since Grand Theft Auto IV. If you want to mod your single-player experience (or add mods that don’t disrupt the fairness of play online), you are clear to do so.

For those playing on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, know that there may come a point at which Grand Theft Auto Online isn’t updated. Rockstar is planning to include all five platforms in the next large update, but no promises have been made beyond that.

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