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Robotics Process Automation in 2018 | ROBOTICS ENGINEERING

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Robotics Engineering

Robotics: This is a type of engineering that relates to the design and construction of robots, exploding from 2014 when there was an increase of $ 340 million in the industry. So, Innovation in robotics has provided technological advances such as drones, driving cars and desktop robots. And these successes come in many shapes and forms. It overlaps with other branches of engineering like computer science, electronics, mechatronics, bio-engineering, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Crunch review has taken a look at the progress of the robotics industry in recent history. Today there are some of the most interesting innovations in Robotics Games.

Robotics State

So, the Atlas robot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is a humanoid robot that uses the same technique which is affecting other modern developments. It can navigate circuits through climbing obstacles and stairs. This is the same technology that applies to drive cars themselves, which allows them to navigate on the inclination without passing through the busy roads and without hitting anything on their way.

So, Robots understand the environment around them, calculate, and take the safest, most effective action possible. It is clear that artificial intelligence will take the market by storm in the future, and more complex incidents occur.

So, it is interesting to note that through artificial intelligence, machines can learn and learn. In addition to the innovations coming out of Boston Dynamics, Stanford’s computer scientists have developed a qualified AI in learning to run and run the aircraft by looking at a pilot.

Robotics Vision

The future of robotics

In the coming years, exponential changes are possible in the circle of robotics. It has been predicted that:

The robot will be the most preferred way of delivery of services as a robot-a-a-service (ras) model.
By 2019, 30 percent of industry organizations will be a leading robotics officer. Or some other leadership role specific to robotics and its role in their business.

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The competitive scenario will develop over time as more companies enter the industry and provide robotics services. This means more options for consumers.

By 2020, the growth of the industry would have increased the growth of available talent pool to such a degree that 35 percent of the posts related to robotics will be vacant. And the salary for those posts will increase by 60 percent.
Regulation will be initiated by governments in an attempt to resolve security and privacy issues while preventing job loss related to automation.

In the future, innovation will not stop at the technology that the robot restricts. For this reason, scientists will use a combination of computing, intelligence and communication technologies to create the next generation autonomous robots. The ability to share, distribute, build and perform physical tasks will be given more attention.

Robot technology

Medical robot

Robotics in medicine

Autonomous mobile robots have been paid a lot of attention, and hopefully. In the future, they will take medical procedures on patients in remote areas. The procedures will include surgery, in which there will be little or no human guidance. And they will mostly rely on the developed Nano robot through progress in mineralization. Other processes include the repair of closed arteries, administration of drugs, and gene.

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Drones are other innovations that are receiving a lot of financing and innovation, especially in China. Some excellent drone types include 3RR, parrot, DJI, GOPRO, UNIKE, and EHANG. Along with Alibaba and SF Express in China, these drones are being transferred into surveys, imagery, and surveillance towards surveillance.

The second category is a cognitive robot, which acts as an office assistant or partner for the blind or the elderly. These anthropological robots can help in making the knowledge-deeper of manufacturing through a resource-intensive process, create factories that do not require any human involvement. Agricultural robotics also fall into this category, which takes care of the fields through their sensors, who are aware of the information about crop status. They can also use data-based techniques to make decisions related to management.

Where do the opportunities live?

The robots display what they are configured to do, which means that they can do as much as they can, they can do what you do not want them to. So, this depends on the object and face recognition, inverse kinematics, collaborative automation, and image processing chips that are installed within them. The mass production of quality robots will require a reduction in these chips and serious costs in the CPU.

There is only limited funding for this branch of robotics. There is still a big room for investors to invest, investors can deepen themselves in the industry.

Most start-ups, which have benefited from the lack of funding talent. Most of them rely on home training, but some (like Tesla) have resorted to aggressive prey from rivals.

Due to the image of the robot, there is a limit. The public has not yet acknowledged that robots can fully take their jobs, and this perception is obstructing the application of another rational approach to the industry.
Robotics process automation

Industrial Robotics Automation / Industrial Robot

The robotics industry is growing, and soon, technology will be implemented in front office operations and other types of jobs. So, Technology lies behind the success of Amazon warehouses, where robotic eyes do all the work. For more accuracy and stability in industries like manufacturing, it will be used in many areas. Robotics can be the answer to the fact that people are watching that they will reduce costs and increase profits.

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