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Reasons You should Recycle Electronic Waste

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What are you planning to do with your old smartphone? Are you planning to dump the laptop that runs slow? Did your kid just drop the tablet into the pool? Regardless of the reason you wish to dump the electronics, give up the idea. Just recycle it.

Here are some crucial reasons you should do so:

Easier than You Think

Recycling is no rocket science. It is easier than ever. You can easily find a certified e-cycler. These organizations have professional teams who are trained in destroying your sensitive data. They also know the way to recycle the materials of devices safely and appropriately. This is important to avoid these materials turn into toxic landfill waste. All you need to do is contact your local recycling center. Also check your manufacturer’s take-back plans and programs. Most of these plans will reuse your old device.

Secure Destruction of Data

The experts working with highly reputable electronic waste recycling services have achieved requisite training in the field of destroying waste safely. The best part is experts know all about destroying confidential data securely. Some of the common procedures include stripping magnetic fields off a device, destroying device in a way it is recovered and overwriting data. Dumping devices with sensitive information may be hazardous. So go safe and recycle.

Excess E-waste

The world is loaded with e-waste. The planet has it in abundance. A report has revealed that over 41.8 million metric tons of e-waste was produced in the world during the year 2014. The UN Environment Program has stated that around 90% of e-waste is dumped or traded illegally each year. And this waste is increasing day by day. In the year 2000, in the US, the total amount of e-waste generated was around 1.9 million tons. Within two years, the number hits 3.4 million tons. The best and simplest solution is to recycle electronics.

Save Precious Metals

Although e-waste is not about oozing “gold mine”, it definitely has a lot of rare metals. A report by EPA says that every one million mobile phones comprise of around 75 pounds of gold. Additionally, it contains 33 pounds of palladium, 772 pounds of silver, and 35,274 pounds of copper. These metals can be melted down and then reused for new devices. The metals can also have manufacturing uses. This is better than leaving precious metals accumulate in a landfill. When you throw away these electronics, it is similar to throwing away precious gold jewelry.

Obey Laws

Throwing away electronic devices is illegal in many countries. It is a crime. So why go against the law? Dumping e-waste will kill all of us and the planet one day. The dangerous toxins in the waste are hazardous for the planet.

Saves Money

Yes, recycling can save you significant amount of money. Check for manufacturers and retailers who offer deals and programs which give device on discount or free in return of your old device. Thereafter, this device is either refurbished or donated. The best part is most e-waste recycling services offer free pick-up services.

Reduced Production Waste

Recycling leads to less production waste. As per a report mentioned by EPA, recycling around 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity utilized by 3,657 homes in the United States in a year. According to the report, conservation of natural resources will help avoid pollution (air and water) and emissions from greenhouse. These emissions come out that comes out from manufacturing and mining of raw materials in old devices.

The Much Needed Ethical Ego Boost

Doing good to others is definitely fun. Saving the environment and the planet you live in will make you feel better. It is something similar to taking your life a level up. Donating electronics will save the environment. Your step will protect people from hazardous materials. The needy will get your donation. The action will make you feel like a superhero. So recycle your electronics and feel great.

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