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Reasons of Data Loss and Data Recovery

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Data recovery seems to find its way into learning dictionaries, but it has already settled in the daily practice of both administrators and users.

Common data carriers , from which data recovery take place include hard disk, external disk, memory card, USB flash drive and all the equipment that these carriers can use (servers, NAS storage, photo bank, laptops, etc.)

Data saving techniques and methods are used not only in cases of actual loss, but also in cases of forgotten access passwords, accidents of atypical controllers that cannot be bought, failure of the drive for unusual media, etc.

Of course, there are many non-physical causes of data loss on any data carrier. Among the most common, accidental or negligent data deletion, formatting or reinstalling, both cases without backing up files, file system corruption, password protection or encryption, followed by password or key loss, etc. If you require professional access security to guarantee the maximum chance of recovering your lost files, entrust the implementation of flash drive repair service.

Hard disk failures still account for over half of the cases, partly due to their mass spread even to areas where the prescribed operating conditions (heat, moisture, dust, cigarette smoke, shocks) are not ensured throughout the year, and the mechanical parts are simply subject to wear and tear. For hard disks, as with airplanes, the most risky moment is the start or landing of headers, which, prior to reaching the nominal speed, touch the media. For example, disabling power-saving disks may not be as advantageous as it would appear at first glance.

Damaged file system in HD

These defects are very unspecific. Damaged files may appear, suddenly and unreasonably inaccessible to the entire disc, a blue screen called “blue death” appears. Also, partitions are lost after manipulation with administration applications. Very often, this condition may be due to mechanical damage, such as the occurrence of defective sectors. Other possible symptoms of a corrupted file system on an external disk include a situation where discs and folders disappear from files and folders, files and folders can not be opened, or a state where an external disk wants to format even if it contains data.

Warning: If data is unavailable due to physical damage to the media, the operation of such a disc means deteriorating its status. Never run data recovery software on disk drives that have obvious signs of mechanical damage, are unstable, or even show atypical acoustic manifestations. This behavior can be characterized as extremely risky.

The professionals are very dedicated to the rescue of data from a wide range of media and use many years of experience not only to repair hard drive to rescue vital information but also to solve software issues.

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