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Promoting Your Website Using Google Images

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Your website is visible to people only when it’s well promoted. You can optimize the content and use video files rightly to drive traffic to your site. You however can also leverage images to drive the ranking of your site in the   Google SERPs. To do this, you can rely on basic SEO techniques and get desired results. When you optimize the pictures on your website, this can ensure an additional flow of traffic and your promotion efforts will pay rich dividend. You have after all reasons to do that as a lot of people how rely on Google images to find content and relevant information.

Here are ways to promote your website using Google images –

Choose the image file name with care

While promoting your website using Google images, you must choose the image file name with care. You need to understand what will work and what not, because searches have gone specific these days. For example, if your sells smartphones, they the images on your site should be relevant, like “low-price smartphone. jpg” or high-quality smartphone. jpg” etc. Such file names stand a better chance of being highlighted in the Google Image results. On the other hand, relying on standard file names won’t serve purpose as then search results will not highlight them properly.

Image keyword usage

You should look to optimize the file’s keyword usage on the site to boost the chances of images to be highlighted in the Google Image results. To do this, you can add an ALT tag (keyword-optimized) to each image, and also add the contents of the image in the text around it. Both these steps will let you offer more information to Google’s indexing robots about your image subject. These steps also help you decide how the images should be in highlighted in the image listings. You can expect good results by using the target keywords in a natural way.

Prefer .jpg image format

Image format will be key in your endeavour to promoting your website using Google images. Unless you are sure about the right image format, you can get the desired promotion results for sure. One point you should note that, Google can index any image format and it does not give priority to one format over other. However, you can clearly see how most websites rely on .jpg images to do better in Google image results. One reason could be that .jpg format is supported by all major browsers so their probability of being displayed is definitely better than the rest.

Be careful with your image size

Image side is one of major considerations when you look to promote your website using Google images. It should comfort you that Google indexes image of any size without preference and include in results them all with equal weight. However, you must need how big file size can impact the SEO of any website. So, it’s always better to shrink the image size down and get better promotion results. While doing so, the focus should be on not losing the image quality. And once you manage that, your site’s page load times will increase for sure.

Image quality matters

Image quality matters when it comes to promoting your site using Google images. Cheap and unattractive images can repel visitors and your site might lose its charms. On the other hand, high-quality images can temp people into clicking them and this can boost your site’s rankings in Google SERPs. For quality images, the primary focus should be on image resolution as granny pictures can’t excite anyone for sure. Similarly, you can work on the image using some basic editing tools and make them look more attractive. Image quality means your image should be worth sharing as only this can help deliver desired promotion results.

Keep adding new images on your site

Promoting your website via Google images is a dynamic endeavour where you’re required to keep adding new images on a regular basis. You can’t optimize images once and then forget about doing changes as it won’t work in your favour. Image freshness does matter, and you must keep adding new images on a regular basis and optimize them for better results. If you allow the same images to linger on months on day without changing them, this will not fetch good results in search engines for sure.

Create an image sitemap

Promoting your website using Google images is all about giving Google more information about your images. This will help you achieve the desired promotion results. To do that, you can think about creating an image sitemap which will definitely require some technical knowledge. If possible, avail the services of a top SEO company India and see things work out in your favour form promotion via Google images.

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