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Pill Identifier Pro And Drug Info – A Medical Utility Apps for Android

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As the technology is booming up so is the healthcare industry. Due to the rapid advancement in technology, the medical sector has become more digitalized. Now people do not have to stand in long ques to book an appointment in clinic or hospitals. Due to the help of the internet and several applications people can locate nearby clinics, hospitals, and physicians easily. Not only locate but people can know about the variety of services offered in the hospitals. Technology has not only welfare patients but professionals in healthcare sectors too. Nowadays doctors are taking help from different types of Android applications in their work. One such application is Pill identifier and drug information application. This is a very beneficial app platform for doctors, physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, and patients. This application can be easily downloaded from different app platforms across the internet like Google play store, 9 Apps etc. This app was developed by “Mobilicks”.

Pill identifier and drug information application details

  • App size – 6.1 MB
  • Category – Medical
  • Developer – Mobilicks
  • System requirements – Android 4.1 or higher
  • Developer mail id – [email protected]
  • Released on – 3rd October 2018
  • Version – 1.0

Specifications of application-

  • BMI calculator –

This application comes up with inbuilt body mass index calculator which helps to determine whether a person is underweight, overweight or is normal. It is quite helpful for people who suffer from obesity and helps them regulate their body weight.

  • Blood pressure –

In this hectic schedule of life, almost everyone must have experienced hypertension (high blood pressure). This platform works efficiently by keeping a check on blood pressure and helps in regulating it. This portal also gives information about symptoms of high and low blood pressure and guides about the cure and remedies. It also helps to keep a check on the pulse rate of the body.

  • Pill identifier –

This inbuilt feature is quite helpful for pharmacists and doctors. Before prescribing one can identify a particular type of drug, OTS or pill based on its color, composition and other factors. Pill identifier tool can be used by students who study pharmacy too.

  • Drug search –

Confused about the particular type of drug or pill? Well with the help of this platform one can easily look up for drugs based on the symptoms for a proper prescription. This feature not only helps identify drugs but gives detailed information about the drug too such as composition, prices, FDA and DEA approval.

  • Disease search –

This feature is quite helpful for common people too as it provides knowledge about different diseases and ailments. It gives us detailed information about disease symptoms, remedy, origin, factors causing it etc.

  • Nearby Search –

This feature is very helpful for those who are new in a city and need to know where is the Hospitals, Clinics or pharmacy in their locality. This tool also give the nearby veterinary, spa, Gyms information in List and MAP View.

Overall “Pill identifier and drug info application” is quite helpful for doctors, pharmacists, and even common people. It is well equipped with amazing features such as locating nearby clinics or hospitals. The best part about the application is its user-friendly interface. Due to this person of every age can access this platform easily without any hassle.

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