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Nvidia GeForce Titan X Review

Well, a Graphic Card is necessary to boost up the visual and audio enhancements for a high range gaming computer.

The Best Graphics Card for 4K Gaming: Nvidia GTX 970 SLI (it was till now). If you’re gaming at 1080p, a single 970 is a great card. You’ll be able to run games at high and ultra settings and 60 fps but going for 1440p and 1600p gaming, though, is a different story.

Nvidia showcased Titan X during GDC event only to pass it over to Epic games developer. The card looks almost identical to the GeForce 980, clad in a full metal exterior, except this time around, it’s no-nonsense matte black. Otherwise, the dimensions, look and feel are all the same, right down to the green glowing GTX logo, making the Titan’s presence seen and felt through your cabinet’s side window.


Powering the graphics requirements for future generation, this card backs all the needs.Titan X is powered by the new second-generation Maxwell architecture that’s powering the new 9 series Nvidia cards. A hallmark of the Maxwell GPUs is the Dynamic Super Resolutions, where you can run 4k resolutions on a 1080p monitor, downscaled and super sampled to give you the best possible visual fidelity. However,Titan X is using a new, big version of the Maxwell GPU, the GM200, where the 980 used a GM204. This one is essentially 50 percent more powerful than the 980. It packs in 3072 Cuda cores (980 had 2048) and 96 render output processors (64), with a core clock of 1000 Mhz (1126 Mhz) and a boost clock of 1075 Mhz (1216 Mhz).


But, where the Titan X roars is the 12 GB of RAM that’s packed into the metal beast. That’s not all; it has a 7 Ghz GDDR5 memory clock with a wide 384-bit memory bus width. There’s enough space to run any game with full-resolution textures. The frame rate provided by the card was super steady. The Titan X features 12 GB of VRAM to beat up other single chip graphics card in the market.

The only withdraw of the card is its price point which is expected up to 1000 $.

Verdict :

Pros :




Cons :

← Too much Expensive

RATING : ( 9 / 10 )

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