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6 Don’t For Network Cabling Installation

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Network cabling can a tough at times, but you need an expert to handle these. Especially when your business is running on these pieces of wires they become more valuable and precious for you. How can you ignore the protective measures when it comes to network cabling installation? Here are 6 mistakes that you should be avoided during the installation process.

Using Different Cables

Twisted pair cabling can be costly at times and some companies prefer using different cabling to reduce the cost. Since voices are less picky service and people may assume that a little bit cheap cable will work. Well, that is not the case. When you choose the inexpensive material, you have to take extra care of the wire and often they wear out soon. So instead of repairing or re-installing, you should choose reliable cabling at first that stays longer.

Ignoring Cable Management

Being a business owner, you need to know that with every coming day the bulk of cabling will increase. So, when you ignore the cable management, you will end up with a mess. Though you might have heard that it is not necessary to manage the cables inside the office but that is not true. When more cables will be added to your network system, it will become difficult to identify the one. You should label the appropriate cables, use color codes or other such tricks to keep the cables organized.

Placing Network Cables And Electrical Cable Align

The magnetic field generated by the low voltage running through the cable is a critical component of the communications chain. When you run this unshielded cabling in parallel with electrical cables, that magnetic field is disrupted, and the communication becomes noisy and garbled. In many cases, transmissions will simply not make it from Point A to Point B. In other cases, transmission rates will slow to a crawl as communications are constantly retried.

Running Cables Near Noisy Equipment

Noise can have effects of the internet cabling more as compared to internet wires. The fluorescent lights also affect your cables so while planning the cabling management, you should keep in mind that network cables are to be placed at a distance from these wires or noises.

Not Following Laws And Codes

This aspect is really important for many reasons. The failure to adhere to local codes can create a big-time trouble for you. For example, when you have PVC cables and it gets burns accident, it creates a toxic stew that can be harmful. Therefore, when you fail to follow the local codes related to voltage cabling, you put the life of your employees on a risk. Verify your responsibilities and ensure that the cabling contractor from Network Cabling Companies in Santa Monica CA should be aware of these.

Ignoring The Cabling Standards

One of the biggest mistakes that we make is to believe that we have got the right cables for our network. However, before you start the process, ensure that you have tested the cables before. The testing may include verifying the lengths and specifications that have been discussed before with the contractor. A little effort can protect you from a major loss.

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