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Mortal Kombat X: Cassie Cage Easter Eggs

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Mortal Kombat X Easter Eggs & References! (Cassie Cage). Cassie Cage references Matrix star Keanu Reeves, listens to the classic Mortal Kombat 3 menu-select music, and is a fan of Walt Disney’s “The Parent Trap,” movie from the late 1990’s? Yeah, these are easily the weirdest of combinations to make it inside of one of these videos, but indeed, all of this appears to be the case for her inside of Mortal Kombat X. Each time Cassie goes out to battle, she takes out an ear-bud, exposing that she’s actually listening to the classic MK3 tune from back in the day. Though this has been around since she was initially revealed, I have yet to see anyone really cover this on here.


Now onto the Kenshi situation. Since Kenshi was introduced, the MK community also considered him to give off a Keanu Reeves type of vibe (heck, the dude looks just like him). This run on joke is FINALLY referenced inside of MKX when Cassie fights against Kenshi. This is an awesome nod from NetherRealm Studios’ back to the fans that kept this joke running since 2002. Lastly, when Cassie sees a reflection of herself, she states a quote that’s pretty much the exact from the Lindsey Lohan film of 1998.

It’s hilarious, and something that I feel is meant to be mentioned considering it’s weird origin. With that said, what do you all thin of these Easter Eggs/ references inside of MXK? Be sure to let me know your favorite in the comment section below! Drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for everything Mortal Kombat X (10) related.

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