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Leveraging the Power of the Cloud for Identity Management

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Currently, traditional identity management is a very complex process that requires various badge creation and printing solutions on- and off-premises. This makes identification resource management a costly and inefficient venture for businesses in different industries that include anyone from financial institutions and tech startups to local and national nonprofits. Luckily, we live in the time of the once elusive cloud. In similar ways that the cloud has revolutionized data storage and web-based applications, it has also significantly improved identity record management and enrollment systems to the benefit of companies all around the world.

Below is a collection of issues a cloud-based identity management system has been able to solve for a more streamlined and less expensive badging process.

Installing and updating local software

Traditionally, different ID badge software is required to tackle the various stages of providing ID badges. From creating multiple designs to data integration to printing and enablement, often there’s not one overarching solution for tackling each process. However, Identity-as-a-Service Cloud Based badging is able to streamline everything for one easy solution, nixing the different software that’s usually needed on local devices and printers. An example of this cloud badging system is the Veonics Portal™, which replaces the need for local IDMS software with a cloud hosted version that can be used enterprise-wide.

Since the cloud is able to remove the need for local software completely, this also means there’s no need to continuously update current software, saving companies time and money. Instead of a complex process, photo ID management can be securely accessed from any desktop or mobile device with internet access.

Manually entering and importing data

Often, there’s a hesitation to updating a current badge ID system because importing data from an old to a new system can get quite complicated with clunky data transfer methods. Companies and nonprofits usually have to deal with hundreds or thousands of identity records. Luckily, a cloud-based system such as the Veonics Credential Database automates the data import process by integrating with Microsoft SQL and source databases, eliminating manual entry completely.

Physical badges

The Cloud has allowed for mobile photo ID badge publication directly on mobile phones and devices. This means immediate issuance for remote users who have to wait days for physical badges to arrive. This is also a great solution if a physical badge isn’t required at all – one less badge to carry for employees, students or visitors!

In-Person Photo Acquisition

Publishing photos often presents the most significant challenge for companies with remote or out-of-town employees. Through cloud badging, a photo can be taken, uploaded, saved, verified and approved for publication in a matter of minutes from any location. This greatly optimizes the time and effort required for photo capture and enrollment.

Generic Badge Design

Customization is vital for maintaining company branding, along with security. Often, badge customization can be quite costly or involve hiring a designer to create a new badge design, so companies resort to barebone and generic badge designs. With a cloud-based system such as Veonics, you can create custom designs with personalized logos, graphics, colors, displays, fonts, and rectangle and ellipse placement. Additionally, you can ensure more secured photos by adding watermarks, thumbnails, ghosting features and image element adjustments.

The cloud has been effective in eliminating the bloat of ID badging that includes multiple software licenses, the time spent on approving and printing new badges, and the high cost of running localized programs on specific computers and printers. It has simplified the complexities often associated with IDaaS and has allowed for a much sleeker and automated process. However, not all ID badge makers provide this process, so ask for cloud-based badging that includes hosted ID management and a mobile ID platform.


Dennis Rukosuev is a marketing expert and management consultant from Austin, TX who helps companies discover untapped growth opportunities and unfold their full potential in achieving strategic goals.

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