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Is Your Computer or Laptop Acting Up?

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It was not so many years ago that most of us relied on pencil and paper to do our work and make important notes. These days, the computer revolution has transformed our lives, often in ways that have crept up on us. It seems that computers are all around us, powering our phones, our cars, and our working lives. As efficient as they are, and as powerful as they are, computer problems happen more often than we’d like to admit. For those who rely on them, it can be a disaster.

A Bad Morning

Imagine that you have just awoken to do some important weekend work for an upcoming meeting with stakeholders on Monday morning at work. You grab your morning coffee, and switch your laptop on only to find that the screen is blank. After a hasty reboot, you find that the screen is completely blank and there is only a small flashing cursor to let you know that the screen is even on!

Fixing a Disaster

It’s a disaster scenario, and most of us go through something similar to this more often than we’d prefer. Of course, there are many things that can go wrong, including but not limited to:

  • Malware such as viruses, key-loggers, Trojans, and rootkits,
  • Registry corruption problems due to a malware infection, or poorly coded software that has recently been installed,
  • Driver conflicts that are causing glitchy behaviour or random reboots,
  • DVD and CD drive faults,
  • Computer or laptop not turning on,

Fortunately, London computer repairs, and similar tech experts, can evaluate and repair many of these problems. And even when you think that things are irretrievable, because you’ve just spilled your morning coffee all over your laptop keyboard, you’ll be surprised at how even the biggest of computer disasters can be fixed!

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