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How To Recover Data From Corrupted Or Crashed Hard Drive: Ultimate Guide

how to recover data
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Loss of data is a very bad experience that affects a person, especially if he/she is dependant on technology. There can be some scenarios where you accidentally delete some important files or empty your Recycle Bin. Therefore, by using several data recovery software you can get back all the lost files and a considerable portion of the formatted data from the hard drive. Therefore, in this content, we will provide the entire information pertaining to how recovery data fro Corrupted or Crashed Had Drive.

Instances Where You Lose Data

There are various instances where you might encounter data loss from the crashed hard drive. Also, you can lose data because of the physical damage of your hard disk or may be due to a normal data loss process. Logical data loss mainly occurs in those files having a formatted hard drive or accidental deletion. The foremost mistake that people do usually is clearing the Recycle Bin. It removes entirely the computer reference from where the files are stored.

Reformatted And Formatted Data Protecting Options

Sometimes, it can happen that you have format your disk without knowing that you have deleted the essential files and documents. This frequently occurs when a disk crashes. Therefore, your computer will ask you to format the drive without realizing the lost files. Thus, data loss occurs unintentionally and you have to rush for the Data Recovery Services.

How To Recover Data From A Corrupted Or Crashed Hard Disk

EaseUS Recovery Wizard is built with a user-friendly interface to safeguard files from damaged hard drive. Follow the below steps about how to recover data from a corrupted or crashed hard disk.

Location For Scanning

1. Ensure that all the hard drives were connected properly as well as the software is recognized. If required you can refresh the external hard disk.

2. Select the proper hard driver partition through left clicking.

3. Press the Scan button.

Wait For Scanned Results

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard takes some time for the entire scanning based on the amount of disk space.

2. You will see the result of the Deleted Files first followed by the loss data result.

3. Try recovering the lost data as soon as possible although the scanning might not get complete.

Filtering Result And Recovering Data

Although, there are various methods to get the targeted files. Thus, adopting the quickest one.

  • You will find all the data on the selected partition. Then, provide in this section if it was formatted or deleted earlier.
  • A deep search result for raw files although the file names and file paths is lost.
  • This is really fruitful when you are searching for a particular kind of files such as pictures, documents, videos, music, etc.
  • Choose files and press the Recover button.

Affix Damaged Hard Disk Drive

After reinstating the files from the damaged hard disk, how will you work with it? Well, we will provide you with a handful of tips about repairing corrupted hard disk drive.

Running CHKDSK to Repair Corrupted Hard Disk

A hard disk can easily show problems if it contains poor internal sectors. However, if you wish to run CHKDSK command on your Computer, you will not require any hard disk corruption issues. Let’s look at the below steps pertaining to how to recover data from corrupted or crashed hard disk through CHKDSK and repairing hard disk drive.

  • Click on Win+X or Choose Command Prompt.
  • Then, press Yes to start the Commander Prompt as Administrator.
  • Write “chkdsk” and then press Enter to examine the errors present in the corrupted hard drive.
  • Then, move to the path chkdsk D:/f/r/x to allow CHKDSK to repair the drive.

If you find the target drive to be a boot disk, then the system, whether you wish to run the command before starting the next, will boot. Therefore, write yes and then click on Enter to reboot the PC. The command will execute before loading of the Operating System starts. Therefore, it helps you to get the access to the disk and start fixing the corrupted file.

Run Entire Disk Check To Repair The Corrupted Disk

  • First of all, you need to open the PC.
  • Then, right click on the hard drive and choose Properties.
  • Press Tools and then click on Tab Error Checking. After that, press Check Now.
  • Choose to Check Local Disk and then press Start.
  • Shut down all the running and open programs. Then, choose an option to allow the system to perform the next boot.
  • Then, restart the PC.

Suppose you are staying in usa, one day when you encounter an error which states bad sectors or clusters. In that case, you can opt help from Data Recovery Services. But it is not the case. Through using this CHKDSK command you can easily resolve this problem.

Fix Damaged System Drive Using The Control Panel

1. First, click on Win+X and then choose Control Panel.

2. Then, press System and Security. After that, choose Tab Action Centre. Next, click on Expand Maintenance tab.

3. Then, press Run Scan.

4. Press Restart.

Use File Manager To Repair The Corrupted Non-System Drive

This is one of the foremost methods pertaining to how recovery data from Corrupted or Crashed Hard Drive.

1. In order to open the File Manager, click on Win+E. After that, right-click on the required drive available in the left plane.

2. Choose Properties and then press Tools. After that, press Check under Error Checking

3. After completion of this, press Repair This Drive when the scanning for fixing the driver errors are done.

Freeware To Safeguard Your Files From Hard Disk Crash

1. First, you need to download the iCare Data Recovery. Then you need to install and begin the software. To begin, choose the file types to Search Lost Files.

2. Choose a hard disk to do a thorough scan and then wait when the scanning is going on.

3. Then, choose and save the required files.

Free DOS Boot Disk

It is used to locate and recover the NTFS files. This is present in various versions containing one that will execute from the DOS boot. Therefore, you can use it when the Windows OS is not bootable.

Moreover, you can proceed with this method if the above method fails for unbootable laptop or desktop. It deletes the hard disk and you can change it with your external hard drive. Therefore, plug the USB to the desktop.

Apart from that, install the hard drive recovery software to do the essential tasks. Hence, Windows will identify the hard disk and will request you to do a check disk on the hard disk. Then onwards, go ahead as advised and there is probability Windows will resolve this issue.

End Notes

After following all the above steps, you can successfully recover the lost data from your damaged hard disk and can repair the corrupted hard disk issue. This informative blog covers all the major fixes pertaining to how to recover data from corrupted or crashed hard drive.

Thus, you don’t need to rush for the Data Recovery Services always. By following the prescribed solutions you can retrieve your lost data and save your device from major damage. However, if you think you are not enough technologically sound, then it is better to opt for professional help. Trial and error can cause permanent data loss at times. Go for Data Recovery to get ultimate solutions. Also, you can go through the user manual available at the bottom of our website for an instant solution.

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