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How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

Optimize Images
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The world needs better visualization than anything else. Yes, we are talking about the attractive graphics and images that we get to see while we explore the web. Most websites with great photos receive good rankings on the Google and other search engines.

The reason behind these blogs is proper optimization of the images available on their posts. You can hire the best SEO Company to guide you in optimizing your images or can go with a suitable digital marketing company for the same.

There are plenty of ways available with which you can optimize all the images for better Search Engine Rankings. SEO Companies understand everything well, and they make proper strategies to gain more visitors and hits to your blogs. Here, we have listed down some of the best ways to optimize your website’s images well.

1- Using High-quality Images

The more quality images you use, the better chances for your blog to rank well on the Google Search. High-Quality images look attractive, and they attract more visitors to your blog. You can hire a graphic designer to develop your high-quality images which you can use on your blog. Original and high-quality images will be more beneficial for your website to rank well.

2- Research properly on the web

Before uploading an image to your blog post, you need to research thoroughly on the Search Engine. Your image should be related to the content of that particular blog post. You need to collect proper ideas from the web by spending some time researching. This will give you better views of using an appropriate image for your blog.

3- Stay away from Copying the images

Before selecting the file, you need check for the copyright conflict on the images. There are plenty of websites, or we can say platforms available on the web, which lets you download and purchase the stock images. You can use such images for your blog which helps the Search Engines to rank your website on the top positions.

4- Make use of Tools

There are plenty of online image editing tools available to you. You can make use of these tools to develop and edit your images. You can also add personality, texts, sticks, logos and much more using these tools. You can actually make your images more appealing to the visitors using these tools.

You can also create custom images for using them on different social media platforms. With Search Engine Optimization, Social Media platforms are equally important for your blog to receive more visitors. The better you optimize the images, the more visits you will get.

5- Know the File Type

Image Formats are also crucial for your blog to rank well. Most Search Engines are familiar with JPEG formats. When you pick a JPEG image, it will provide more options to edit and develop the image as per your requirements. JPEG images compress well so that you can use high-quality images with compressed size. This Format uses small file sizes with high-quality. You can bring the best of quality images which you can use anywhere on the blog.

6- Add Descriptive Caption

Adding a descriptive caption to the images is the best way of optimizing images for your blog. Most SEO experts do recommend their clients to add suitable caption on the images they upload on their blogs or websites. The Caption is basically a text associated with your images. You can see the captions right below the image in the grey box. This also improves your website’s search engine rankings.

7- Keyword reach Filename

Make sure you rename the images with the Keywords you are focusing. Image file names alert everyone, especially Google to recognize it. So when a user searches for any keywords, if you put the right Keyword in the file name, it will show you the results in the front pages. This is very crucial for your blog. If you really want to improve your website’s overall ranking, then Keyword name in the image name is significant.

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