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How to Hire an SEO Company for Your Business?

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SEO is one of the most effective ways of marketing and almost every online marketing company are offering these services to promote their customer’s website and create lead generation. The proper hiring of a company is still a problem as it needs little how-know of the search engine optimization. Most of the companies still working on the old tactics which results in loss of money and time. Few techniques are shared below that will help you to hire a company which would be helpful to run your business successfully.

Tips to be followed before hiring SEO Company:

Their presence in the search engine:

It is the most important part to hire a company for their visibility in search engine. Always contact a company that is ranked on the first page of the search engine. It shows all about their own work and promotion of their business website to increase their search engine visibility. A good company must have a good online presence in search engine ranking. It should be noted that only contact companies that are mentioned in the organic results instead of the companies that are visible through a paid campaign.


The portfolio is an important part before hiring a company, it shows the previous work they have done for their clients. For hiring an SEO company, review their client website visibility in the search engine it would clearly show that their services are either positive or negative for a brand. You can find their online presence using various online tools some of them are SEMrush and Moz. These are the most popular tools to find the online status of any business website.

Customer Reviews:

Every customer gives a review after completion of the services period which may be negative or positive. It is a fact that most of the website shows only positive reviews from their customers and hide the negative ones. The best practice to find any business review you can google their brand name with the word reviews and you will get the list of third-party websites that show their quality of service they offered to their customers. These reviews are real and provided by their past customers. It would be helpful for you to judge the company’s services.

Contact to the customer service:

After completing all the above formalities you should have to contact their customer service to know about their services and how they will work for your brand. A company customer service representative will always ask you about the domain name of your brand and creates a file which includes the time duration, their working practices and also reporting.

Time Duration:

SEO is a time-consuming practice, for a new website it will give results after completion of at least nine months after starting work on any brand. If a company representative shows that they will successfully rank any website within three months so do not hire their services as it is not possible in any way to establish the online presence within three months for any new brand. If your brand is old and has done SEO before so it may be possible to rank it within three months.

Working Practices:

Always ask for a company working practice as most of the companies are still working on old methods which result in the bad impact on the website and causes negative marketing. In 2018, top brands are working on the local citation, business listings, content marketing and all the methods that pass through the editorial process and takes efforts to build links. The resulting through this link building methods are safe and long lasting.

Business Website Reporting:

A good company makes everything clear to the customers no matter the results are positive or negative, always ask them to provide reporting on weekly or at least monthly basis. The report includes the profile of backlinks, keyword positioning and also traffic getting from the search engine.

Service Charges:

SEO also needs the budget to get all the necessary things done for off page SEO. Most of the authority guest blogging sites work on paid accounts and it needs a budget. Always hire a company that shows the budget required for each type of SEO practice. Do not hire a company that offers the cheapest charges as it is not possible to fulfill SEO necessities without the budget. The companies get the service charges with the budget needed for off page practices. Don’t hesitate

These are the most important points that should be followed before hiring an SEO company for your brand to get the maximum positive results.

Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey works as a content writer at SEO Services Karachi and she has seven years of experience in content marketing and writing.

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