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How to Download Series/Movies from Solarmovie

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The solarmovie is one of those free sites that offer movies and television series for free of cost. You can watch movies in HD quality. Some of the content will be available in CAM quality if that particular movie is newly released but will soon be updated with HD print. Solarmovie is a great site for online streaming but download option is not available. Few movies/series are worth watching multiple times and if users want to have it downloaded, it’s not possible officially.

Here are some ways to download series/movies from solar movie website:

Using the official website for download

The first step is to visit the official website and download all soft. It is available in Windows and Mac platforms. Run the downloaded exe file. All we need to do is to paste the link, select the quality, set download folder and click download. Open solarmovie site and further open movie/series that you wish to download. Copy the URL. Paste the link on to all soft. Now the file gets downloaded to your computer. The software is available in trial and premium versions. The trial has limitations in options but you can download few movies and series from the website. You can download movies/series of different genres, an unlimited number of times with premium version.

Using Free Download Manager

This process is a bit tough if you don’t know about HTML. But I will try to do my best in giving instructions so that you can understand. The summary of this technique is, we have to inspect in firefox. Click on the play button. A link for the video gets selected in the inspector tab. Copy the link and paste in free download manager. Now it downloads the file.

Step 1: In the solarmovie website, open the movie/series which you want to download.

Step2: Press F12 to inspect or go to tools > web developer > Inspector which opens the inspector tab.

Step3: In the inspector window, there will be a small cursor located beside the inspector tab.

Step4: Click on it and now just hover over the section of website and corresponding code gets displayed in the tab.

Step5: With that icon selected, click on the play button. Usually, ads get displayed, but close them and click on the window until the movie starts.

Step6: Now you can see a link getting highlighted in the inspector tab.

Step7: Copy that link and paste in Free download manager. This will ensure your movie getting downloaded right into your computer or Mac.

Paid alternative

If you are looking for easy methods to download a movie from the solarmovie, this method is for you. Pay and get premium membership of solar movie. Some of the features of paid membership are as follows.

  • Watch movies/series without ads.
  • The website gives the option to download movies and series from the website for premium users.
  • Fast loading of media.
  • Subtitles are available for every movie available on the website.

Some of you may get a doubt that if you are willing to spend money, why to even search for sites watching movies for free. But compared to Netflix or other paid services, premium membership in solar movies is cheap. You can give a try if you are interested.


Solarmovie website is providing HD quality prints of movies and series for free of cost. Ads may be inconvenient but that is the only source of their earning. We have to observe that both parties’, that is, users’ and website people are getting benefitted. We are able to watch movies for free of cost and they are earning money which will be used for maintaining servers, employees and adding new movies etc.  Do you watch the solarmovies? If yes, do share your reviews about the same and your source of downloading, in the comments below. For more such updates and information, stay reading us.

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