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How to create a completely bug-free Mobile app?

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In this digital age, can anyone really think of living without the mobile phones and apps? Like, simply give it a thought that you stepped out of your home without your phone. That time will certainly seem torturous to you as you are not carrying your mobile app that might have proved helpful in tracking your way, interact with friends, play the game, and a lot more. There are a number of mobile apps out there that can be used for a number of purposes, like book movie ticket, to book a cab, shop online, hire a driver, book parking slot, and for a number of other purposes.

Meanwhile, as it comes to the success of a mobile app, it is perceived in various lights depending on how robust and secure they appear in front of the user. This simply means that an app crashing constantly, eventually ends up losing its value, regardless of its quality. This is the reason that developers are extra careful to get rid of issues that might occur during the app development process. A mobile app that is completely free of any problems is referred to as a bug-free app.

So, here are few of the ways that ensure that the mobile app is completely bug-free:

Avoid incorporation of complex or excessive features all-at-a-time

When you are developing a mobile app with a unique idea for the first time, it is better to keep it simple, avoiding complex functionalities. Only go for essential features, or else there are chances of your target users getting confused. Expert mobile app developers never do this mistake as they make it a preference to focus on core functionalities so that the mobile app is able to solve the issue that is the target.

Revise Code

Code revising and reviewing can save you from a whole lot of stress and hassles. The best way to review code is by getting it reviewed by some other developer. Like, you may be stuck at something and here the other person with a great experience might be able to resolve the issue efficiently and quickly. This way, code revisions is helpful to remove bugs from a mobile app.

Take advantages of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used majorly post the app launch to measure the app success in terms of downloads, views, etc. However, it is suggested to incorporate Google Analytics prior to the app release as well. One of the biggest benefits of using Google Analytics tool is that it makes offers suggestions and takes decisions as well. It analyses user experience, patterns, content and overall interface and app design and will offer suggestions accordingly. Post the launch, Google Analytics helps in the identification of useful elements such as app engagement, daily active users, app crashes, retention rate, etc.

Enhance security

In mobile app development, security is the most essential element as you must ensure that the app is secure enough that no hackers are able to misuse the sensitive and vulnerable data. Use several security tools to protect the app from hacker attacks and virus attacks. Meanwhile, by testing the mobile app, you can enhance the security to a whole new level. Hence, every mobile app should be tested on a regular note to ensure the app is secure and free from any sort of risks.

Quality Analysis

While developing a mobile app, it is vital to ensure proper and complete testing. Get the quality analyst engineer so to work & test your mobile app as early as possible. QA &Testing not only means the code testing or the code should look ok. But it also includes other aspects such as security, access, performance, etc.

Alpha Testing: It is performed by internal software testing or QA team and it did post the acceptance testing. Usually, it takes place in a lab environment to ensure the app’s smooth performance and it is performed prior to its release for Beta testing.

Beta Testing: This happens to be one of the most crucial stages of mobile app testing, which is done as final testing where an app is released for outside testing team or outside user groups. This version released for beta testing is known as a beta version and companies gather user feedback in order to analyze app’s performance.

Despite rigorous alpha testing, there might be some minor issues that can be captured during the beta testing. This way, beta testing is useful in fixing all kinds of issues and hence it significantly reduces development cost, as all or maximum issues are fixed prior to app’s final release.

Give value to user-experience

It is an entirely different experience to use apps on mobiles as compared to desktops and laptops. This is why it is crucial to design the mobile app and user experience first. If you planning to just port an existing desktop app, then it is not going to help, as mobile has different screen size and different form factor. Hence, avoid copying interface functionalities and design from existing desktop apps, as it is going to be way difficult to operate them on mobile.

Invest resources into a debugger

When you invest resources into a debugger, it reflects in the quality level of final build. Even though debugging can be quite pain-some as you take a common route that implies using Python, PHP or Ruby, however, if you appeal to services of a Visual Studio type of IDE, it will be easier to bypass few procedural steps that otherwise would have “bug” you out.


Final Note:

Once the app is released, ensure that it is constantly updated and also check in with a community built around it. It is required to use the users’ feedback and do some solo research. But whatever work that comes to post the app release can be a lot easier to manage when you put the time in during development stage, and clear most of potential bugs which otherwise would have stained your product’s initial launch. Even though there is nothing as “bug-free”, still you can get quite close to that status by taking a few precautions while the app is being developed.

Arun Goyal

Arun Goyal is Founder & Managing Director of Octal IT Solution, a leading Mobile App Development Provider offering platform to hire a dedicated developer for your on-demand app development.

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