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How Technology is Transforming the Design Industry

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Technology is changing every aspect of life slowly and surely and there is no going back. The design industry has also not been spared from the ever-reaching tentacles of technology.

Let’s take a look at the modern technologies that is shaping up the designs of tomorrow.

3D Printing

In 3D printing, three-dimensional models of digital designs are created or printed. 3D printing helps in rapid prototyping. 3D printed models make sharing and evaluation of ideas easier than ever.

3D printing is making great strides in the field of architecture as landscape, topology, and civil architecture, can be easily represented using this technology. It is also revolutionizing the area of education. A 3D printed model can considerably enhance the learning experience by providing unique perspectives. Students pursuing architecture degrees like B.Arch course use 3D printing for making architectural models. It is not the most cost-effective solution as the materials for making the models are pricey. But it is strongly recommended as it provides time-efficient, accurate and effective representation of their designs.

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) can be used to create scenarios and graphical simulations of various designs. It enables industrial art and has applications in industries like automobile, aerospace, civil, software, dentistry, prosthetics, and many more.

It is widely used by engineers as the engineering discipline mainly focuses on solutions-oriented designs. Hence CAD is very relevant to Engineering students as it helps them to showcase their designs and ideas in a more comprehensive and coherent manner. A degree in Engineering is a great choice for students whose talents lie in designing and developing solutions for everyday problems of life. Check out these great BTech colleges in Kerala that offer great courses in various disciplines of Engineering.

There are a lot of information, courses and software available online if you wish to learn the nuances of computer-aided design. For example, AutoCAD is a free CAD software that is usually used by mechanical engineering students.


Visual cues in an application are very crucial in improving the user experience. Animation has been here for a while and is not going out of style any time soon. There are many popular education applications and websites that use animation to explain theories and principles involved. Functional animation in an app gives it a definite edge over competitors.

Animations can backfire if they are not designed with the targeted audience in mind. It is critical to get the material, trajectory of motion, timing, rhythm, and follow-through exactly right to make it truly successful. A wide variety of free and paid software is available for learning animation design.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the new kid in the block and is gaining more and more popularity every day. The reason for this popularity is the boundless possibilities it present. It offers a truly immersive user experience that incorporates touch, sound, and depth.

The novelty and addictive nature of virtual reality will soon usurp all two-dimensional experiences. Designers are clamoring to learn and develop games and applications that uses Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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