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How Does Server Location Affects Your Latency

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If you are going live with your next big website and you want to create a resonance of your product in the market, one of the most important aspect that plays a significant role in making it a thorough success is none other than speed.

But, how exactly will you define speed when it comes to digital world?

Speed in a website is dependent on a number of factors some of these include the following:

  • Bandwidth to your internet connection.
  • The number of users visiting your website.
  • The Distance in between your local exchange.

While these factors play an important role, it is also important to discuss different metrics which affects users located in different locations. It is termed as latency.

Are you eager to learn more about the latency, let’s take a deeper delve and find out what latency in server management is all about.

Explaining the Concept of Bandwidth & Latency


In the cloud technology spectrum for instance Tcaps Cloud, bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that occurs per second. The best possible way to explain bandwidth is considering the example of a highway. A 4-lane highway will allow less traffic to pass compared to a 6-lane highway which will allow more traffic to easily flow. Similarly, a 1 GBPs connection will allow more traffic to flow through than a 100 MBPs connection.


On the other hand, latency is the amount of time consumed in transferring a packet of data from its origin to a destination. Let’s consider the same example as that of a highway, imagine you are travelling and you have to wait at a stop which is actually a toll plaza or diversion. Increased number of tolls and road closures you encounter, greater would be the time delay in reaching your destination.   

Do you get the idea of what Latency is all about? I am sure you do. Let’s find out what the increasing causes of Latency are and how user encounters them.

How Latency Occurs in the Online World

Assume that you are located in Europe and you have just started up with your website. Now, if you have previously launched a website, you do realize how important choosing the right dedicated server hosting for your business. Now, your hosting service provider has data centers located in a number of places around the world. Which data center are you more likely to choose if you have to pick one? The one that is nearest to your location.

Here’s what happen when you type in the URL in the address bar of your browser. Your computer sends and retrieves data through a route of “gateway nodes.” The greater the distance between you and the data center where your server is hosted, the greater will be the delay in transmission as the router will suffer more processing delays. As a result, your website will experience a greater latency. Moreover, the delay is also related to networking efficiency and quality of routing devices.

But Isn’t Data Suppose to Travel In Between Nodes at the Speed of Light?

Indeed… the speed of light in fiber optic cables travel at a speed of 200,000 km/second. Let’s just assume that the datacenter where you have hosted your server is located at somewhat 14,000 kms away from your location. Data doesn’t directly transfer but transfer in between gateway nodes.

At an average the latency is 141 milliseconds per packet in a single round trip. As the number of gateway nodes will increase in between the connection, greater would be the latency delay for a user as the data will have to encounter several pit stops.

So you see how distance creates a debacle in latency delay for users!

If you want to measure latency, you can add the tracert command in the Windows command prompt.


Considering the above stated facts, my recommendation always support that you host your websites located closest to your target audience. For example, if you are located in London and you are targeting customers in Arkansas, USA, then it is essential that you should select a data center located near Arkansas. It will save your business increased revenue and allow you to choose the server location of your choice.

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