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How Beneficial are Ferrite Cores for Meeting Common EMI Shielding Requirements?

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Electrical engineers and designers had a tough time filtering the high-frequency noise and sharing similar voltage supply rails cleanly until the widespread use of ferrite beads. these small, passive devices filter high-frequency noise energy over a vast frequency range. the cable ferrite bead stays connected with the power supply rail and is sometimes combined with capacitors for grounding on either side of the bead. not only do they establish a low-pass filter network that reduces high-frequency power supply noise, but they also dissipate this noise energy in heat form. no wonder they are used in several diverse applications nowadays.

What Advantages Do Cable Ferrites Provide?

Cable ferrites offer numerous technical advantages. for example, common mode chokes are capable of attenuating the unwanted high-frequency signals that not only provide improved efficiency for minimizing unwanted noise, and facilitating passage of the necessary signal. aside from that, users benefit from greater efficiency and smooth operations at high current with high inductance values.

As per the specifications of the customer, the cable ferrite can be customized to include a heavier gauge wire for higher currents.  with whatever going out in the line and returning on the neutral, users benefit from cross-cancellation of the saturation current. thus, you no longer need to be concerned with saturated parts. rather, you can focus on the heating of the component without any saturation current in the ferrite. common mode chokes also support higher current values instead of single wound inductance or simple chip beads as they are bigger and heavier wires are used in their construction.

Ferrite bead common mode chokes serve another purpose as well, especially when it comes to high-speed signals, including can, usb, and so on. they are the only solution that reduce unwanted noise without knocking down the transmission signal.

So, the question is, how do the advantages mentioned above translate into better products? well, the following applications may provide some idea:

  • Simple Suppression Without Grounding

Several noise suppression parts use capacitors. however, their effectiveness depends on the availability of stable ground. as they work by discharging the noise to the ground, they fail to function properly without one. on the other hand, ferrite cores are designed to suppress noise without any grounding whatsoever.

How does this work? well, when a cable passes through the ferrite core, the cable generates several magnetic fields. these fields gradually concentrate within the core due to the inability of the ferrite to attract magnetic flux, thereby converting the magnetic energy into heat and dissipating it through the ferrite’s magnetic loss. so, suppression happens without the need for grounding.

  • Works Against Common Mode Noise and Normal Mode Noise Equally

Normal Mode Noise: Whenever the noise current superimposes on the signal current, low-frequency noise is generated called normal-mode noise. this current can be reduced by increasing the resistance of the noise current instead of the signal current. thus, the noise current magnetic flux may be reduced by passing the signal line via the ferrite core, which possesses an extreme resistance and where the magnetic flux is emitted due to noise current.

Common-Mode Noise: Reversing the directions of the currents affects both cables the same way and generates differential currents with different phases and directions.

  • Ideal for Retrofitting

Thanks to cable ferrites, manufacturers don’t have to change existing circuit boards. they can now adopt counteractive measures against noise prior to mass production. as far as functionality is concerned, ferrite cores do not need to be mounted on the circuit board. so, they can easily be retrofitted as the last word against noise.

Get cable ferrites if you wish to shield your products against noise. and with electrical devices becoming smaller and bigger in noise, adding this component is slowly becoming a must.

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