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Hiring an Android App Development Company? Four Crucial Steps for App Development

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If you want to convert your new or existing business idea into an android app, then chances are that you would approach a leading android app development company for the same.  Such a company needs to be proficient in utilizing android not only for technical superiority but also for a leading position in the android app development business. Hence, such a company needs to possess thorough knowledge about the Android SDK and NDK, and at the same time, have the thorough knowledge of various Android related services such as location-based services, web integration, object-oriented design, augmented reality, and others.

Let’s now lay down the steps for app development as below:

  • Project Analysis

The real action at an android app development company happens when you submit an RFQ (Request for Quote).  Depending upon the complexity of the project, the company takes up to a few days to revert with a detailed proposal for building the Android app along with a tentative time frame for the project. Then the company waits for you to get back with the go ahead for the project.  This happens to be the first stage of app development which is usually called the project analysis stage.

  • Wireframing

Once you are in agreement in how the project should proceed, the second stage commences. This stage is usually called wire-framing. Herein, the app development specialists commence working on the app design and other concepts cum features that could be involved in the app development process. The wire-framing stage also includes screen-shots of how the app will look and how the app will perform when it will be completed. This step also includes the navigational and functional elements of the app, so that you get to understand the experience that your target audience will gain once they use the app.

  • Design and Development

This next stage is followed by the design stage, wherein your app comes to life. The development company’s team of professional designers and developers now create an app with a professional look and feel that reflects your brand. At this juncture, it is crucial that the app design meets your standards of approval. The design needs to be perfect since this aspect will linger on in the minds of the user, based on which the user will submit the app review.  Make sure that your app meets all the requirements and specifications that you have laid out.

  • App Marketing

The development team needs to ensure that all the elements of the app are working fine and the project is completed within the time frame that you have specified.  Always consider the scope for including future elements in the app and future updates as well.  After the designing stage is over, the app development moves to the next stage called marketing. App marketing includes the submission of your Android application to the Android marketplace. Many companies also offer additional services as a bonus or at nominal costs. Download Spotify premium apk from here. Listen free music on smartphone, tablets and laptops. The cost of putting your app on the Android marketplace is usually included in the price of the development of an app.

Let’s hope that these points provide the necessary insight into the steps followed by an Android app development company, Kanhasoft for the development of your app. The steps provided are generic, so there could be some variations. However, overall, the process should remain standardized to a certain extent. Good Luck!

Carol Dobson

Carol Dobson is the Marketing Manager at the Kanhasoft - leading CRM and ERP Development Company. She loves to share content about the Amazon seller applications, PHP, .Net, Android, iOS and Django development.

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