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Have a Look on Effective Features of ITAR Compliance Program

Each of the business entity exporting defense items and technical data from the US should require a strong ITAR program. A lot of security is maintained when these goods are exported across the international borders. Abiding export rules and regulations given by the US government should be followed to avoid complexities in trade. Violation of export laws is very dangerous. It gives rise to various problems like the bad reputation of brand name, loss of trust and reliability, prohibition to enjoy export facilities and paying huge government fines to the government.


The detailed guidelines regarding ITAR compliance program are present on the website of DDTC. These guidelines do not suggest the registrants what they have to do. There is no particular compliance program for every type of exporter. DDTC says that all the guidelines that are given on the list are very important elements of effective manuals and program schedules.

The first set of guidelines that are given on the DDTC site help the registrants to find out the organization structure and al ITAR related functions. What is it importance? Various things are going on in the field of import-export. The first and foremost thing is to identify the owners within the organization that depends on upon the export compliance. Who is responsible for what type functions? Who gives the executive leadership? Who is responsible for restricted party screening when it is in need? Who requires the training? In the sector of export licensing, to whom, the individual is uploading license applications to DDTC report is very important to consider.  The list does not end here.

The next set of guidelines covers mainly the corporate policies and commitment. In this particular sector, DDTC enlists some of the important points that are grouped in two divisions. The first point is the organizational commitment. It is obvious that a good ITAR program has all the mechanisms for illustrating company’s dedication towards export compliance on a regular basis. An effective compliance program helps the businesses to abide export rules and regulations. Detailed, written, clear and accessible policies that cover all the sectors are very important parts of the compliance program. The guidelines that are written on DDTC offer helpful information about policies.

Good record keeping is a part of trade compliance program. When DDTC provides the license of export, the associated records are maintained for 5 years till the license expires. If the records are to be maintained for the longer period, they should be managed and organized. Apart from ITAR regulations, restricted party screening is a major part of the program. Each of the export parties who are involved in the transaction is to be screened against the denied and sanctioned party lists. This step is very important to ensure that the export-import process is compliant.

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