Get the Cruise With Regalia in Final Fantasy XV Details See How!

In Square Enix’s Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV at PAX Prime 2015, director Hajime Tabata shared the latest on the game, including a look at how you’ll get to go cruising on the Reglia with Noctis and his crew.

Auto mode will have the car go to its destination with Ignis as the driver. While Ignis takes control of the wheel, you’ll get to enjoy the scenery and conversations.


As previously reported, Noctis’ father King Reigis is the owner of Regalia. While Final Fantasy XV will have a theme of bond between friends, it will also share a story that tells the bond between Noctis and his father.


You can switch to manual at any mark. There’s a gasoline marker to indicate how much gas you have, and if you run out, then you’ll have to do something about it. Also, Cindy will bring your car to you via a valet feature, but you will have to pay her.


Different camera views will be available while driving. You can pull over whenever you want and explore the area.


Additional details on Regalia and what it’s like to ride the car in Final Fantasy XV will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2015 next month, when the next Active Time Report will take place.

Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source Siliconera

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