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Review of the Gaming Mouse A4Tech Bloody V8

Gaming Mouse
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Taiwanese company A4Tech has been working in the computer accessories market for 29 years, but in Russia it became known not so long ago. However, this did not prevent her from making a name for himself at the expense of an excellent combination of the price and quality of the products. A perfect example of an inexpensive gaming tool that can compete with options two or three times more expensive is the A4Tech Bloody V8 gaming mouse . About it, we’ll talk.

The range of accessories of A4Tech is huge, therefore the company fairly divides them into series. In this case, as you might guess, it’s about Bloody, distinguished by a bright, aggressive design and a large number of customizable buttons. In addition, the manufacturer claims that Bloody – the most accurate mouse in the world.

Design and construction
The first thing that catches your eye when looking at both the box and the mouse itself is a bloody palm print. This is the brand name of the series Bloody, which ousted the company logo: on the mouse itself, the A4Tech icon can not be found – even among the technical information placed on the sole.

The mouse is made in a deliberately angular style and may seem uncomfortable, but this is a false impression. All oblique surfaces and sharp edges only give the design of aggression, without affecting how the Bloody V8 lies in the palm of your hand.

Dimensions of the mouse – 22 × 16 × 7 cm, weight – 155 grams. Not a small manipulator, of course, but it’s impressive size allows you to use the mouse with great comfort: fingertips do not hang, when working with a relatively heavy device there is a sense of resistance, impact. On the sides there are notches for the thumb and little finger. The ergonomics of the device is well thought out.

Above, the A4Tech Bloody V8 is covered with smooth black plastic, devoid of gloss; superfluous fingerprints do not collect. On the sides – a rubberized coating for better grip on the hand. For a better slip, the mouse is equipped with four teflon legs painted red.
By the way, about the red: the “bloodiness” of the gadget is emphasized by the illumination of the wheel (on either side of it there are two LEDs). However, the color can be changed. But the side panels and buttons are not illuminated.

Buttons, by the way, on the A4Tech Bloody V8 a lot: in addition to an unchanged pair of central behind the wheel are three keys, with which you can switch the shooting modes. There are two programmable keys on the left. All buttons are characterized by extremely clear travel and an excellent read response.

Did not ignore the engineers A4Tech and USB-cord – not only that it is very long (1.8 m), so also can boast a fabric braid.
The mouse is assembled on conscience. Nothing lyuftit, does not creak, does not threaten to break off with too sharp movements.

Of course, stylish design and high-quality assembly are not in the last place in the list of mandatory qualities of the game mouse, but they mean a little without the device-like “combat” characteristics. But with this, the Bloody V8 has everything perfect: response time is 1 ms (this is the highest level inherent in professional accessories); the resolution of the sensor is adjustable in the range from 200 to 3200 dpi; maximum acceleration – up to 30G.

The proprietary application to date is one of the most detailed and detailed tools for customizing the game peripherals.
In it, you can reassign four of the seven buttons and the function of the wheel. And also – in a very detailed way to configure macros for specific games: the application provides a list of games to choose from, and if you do not find the profile there, you can specify your own.

In a separate tab, you can quickly change the dpi or the color of the backlight. There are also specially invented for the series Bloody “core” with pre-installed scripts and macros for different game genres: RPG, “shooters”, advanced shooters …
In the latter case (“core” is called Ultra Core 3 and is purchased separately), various scenarios are available, including those that do not require your direct intervention. That is, you can build entire scripts, allowing you to get instant advantage over the enemy, which you need, for example, to click for recharging, whereas you have it automatically – the mouse “remembers” it.

A4Tech Bloody V8 – a real find for both a beginner player, and for an experienced gamer who is looking for a weapon of victory. The budget gaming mouse has excellent characteristics: excellent build, excellent glide, very good grip, a long cable with fabric braiding, a sufficient number of additional keys with support for macros and a “professional” response time of 1 ms. All these are signs of a higher price category. But it’s for such pleasant surprises that A4Tech is loved.

A particular advantage is one of the most detailed software applications for customizing the mouse. True, the best part of it is paid. However, for the guaranteed advantage

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