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Games Like Mini Militia For Android & iOS – Mini Militia Alternatives

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Games Like Mini Militia – Mini Militia is one of the best multiplayer combat game. The game is available for every smartphone platform. It is rated as the most played online multiplayer game by much mobile gaming website. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia was released based on feedback and suggestions of the gamers who played an original game named stick-man shooter Doodle Army.

Mini Militia has the amazing multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online. You can play with 12 Friends around you using the Wifi Hotspot. It doesn’t require an Internet connection. Multiplayer combat was never that easy before. The game has different modes available to play like Offline training, Survival mode, and Co-op.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is an awesome game for anyone who loves intense multiplayer combat game but why stick to a single game? Today, we will tell you the Games Like Mini Militia. There are many amazing Multiplayer combat game in the Smartphone world.

It is the widely popular game with amazing graphics and concept. Nowadays there is a lot of mini militia mod apk available over the web which made this game more interesting, You can try those mini militia mods too. Otherwise here below we have the list of some games like mini militia.

Games Like Mini Militia –

  • Bomb Squad – Bomb Squad is an amazing online Multiplayer game where your objective is to beat your opponents using fists, wits in a thrilling race, intense fights, bombs and the classic game where only getting out alive is the only thing that matters. There are three games mode available for bomb squad game for a total of eight different players:
    1. Cooperative
    2. Team
    3. Free-for-all
  • Badland – Badland is regarded as one of the best Online and offline multiplayer game in the Google play store. It has the rating of 4.5/5 which is known to be a very good rating. The game has 100 unique levels for single players. It is an adventure game with a feature of offline multiplayer mode that allows 4 players to play at the same time from a single device.
    Badland is an awesome game where the player controls the single character/avatar or many avatars to move around some challenging situations. You have to navigate through many complex areas, solve difficult puzzles and beat the timer to enjoy this awesome game.
  • Fruit Ninja – Fruit Ninja is an addictive multiplayer game for smartphones. You have to swipe your screen to cut the fruits while avoiding the bombs.
    The game offers three different modes to the players: You can experience the thrill of setting a high score in the Arcade mode. You can cut the fruits for stress relief in Zen Mode. In the classic mode, You have to slice as many fruits as you can without dropping a fruit and hitting the bomb.
  • Shadow Fight 2 – Shadow Fight 2 is a sequel of the Facebook smash hit game. The game has the rating of 4.6/5 on the basis of 9 million ratings in the play store. Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing mix of classical fighting and RPG.
    You can equip your avatar with many lethal weapons and armor sets. You can feature your avatar with a dozen lifelike- animated Martial Arts techniques.

If you love playing a multiplayer game then you are going to love all the game we have suggested above. We hope that this guide helped you to find Games Like Mini Militia for your iPhone and Android. Comment down your favorite online multiplayer games so that we can add them too in our list.

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