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Four Reasons the Cloud is the Future of Tech

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Cloud computing are the words on everybody’s lips. It seems like everyone, from big businesses to single individuals, are switching over to cloud solutions for both software and data storage. However, what are the advantages to using the cloud over owning local copies of applications and storing information on your own IT hardware? These four items will give you an idea of why this revolution is happening now.


One of the biggest reasons to shift to the cloud is simply that everyone else is doing it. While the world is full of stories lionizing those who march to their own drummer, that is a poor way to run a modern business, at least in reference to the practices that underpin your enterprise. The latest productivity software solutions rely on cloud access to take advantage of the feature set fully. By keeping up with standard practices in areas like software use, you ensure your business has the steady ground needed to innovate elsewhere and carve a market niche for itself.

Ease of Use

Of course, if the only thing the cloud provided was the ability to match what others are doing, it wouldn’t be a compelling alternative. There are several reasons for the widespread popularity of cloud solutions. One is the ease of use it provides. Cloud software, constantly connected to the Internet, updates itself without the need for your IT people to spend valuable company time on it. Cloud software can also scale up or down based on your current needs simply by contacting your provider. Moreover, the ability to work anywhere makes it popular with users as well.


It seems security is in the headlines every day now, with large hacking scandals like the Sony affair dominating news outlets for days at a time. Everyone wants to protect his or her valuable data, but as a private individual or a small company, it is hard to find the money to invest in serious Internet security measures, leaving the unpleasant choice between disconnecting from online options or risking information theft. However, cloud storage providers specialize in handling data and are able to make large investments in security measures to protect your information.

Cost Reduction

The cloud is also a great way to cut your spending. In the old model, computing relied on a constant upgrade cycle, with users needing to buy better software and stronger hardware to keep up with current standards for applications and storage capacity. With cloud providers, the cost of upgrades gets amortized among the many users of the service, reducing your stake as well as cutting IT costs. Moreover, since the cloud model is subscription and not acquisition, using cloud solutions doesn’t require raising large amounts; instead, it serves an adjustable monthly cost.

Like all good ideas whose time has come, the cloud is here to stay. Early adopters will find themselves in a great position to innovate and profit; those late to the party will miss out. However, there is still time to start using the cloud to your own advantage. Start sooner instead of later and reap the benefits.

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