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The end of the Second World War signaled the onset of a ‘New World Order’; a trade-centric worldview which derived its impetus from the understanding that the rapid diffusion of people across ethnic and cultural borders would facilitate the brokerage of international peace. Through trade, which may generally be understood in terms of the large-scale transfer of people across socio-political divides (for the purposes of mutual individual or communal benefit), different regions of the planet (which specialized in the production of specific goods and services) became co-dependent on others – and were affected by the dissemination of a complementary ‘multicultural’ ethos that assimilated itself with traditional sensibilities. In the aftermath of the turbulent war period, although the world did witness a virulent Cold War phase (marked by a series of psychological hostilities between the United States, the Soviet Union, and their respective ideological allies), a definitive escalation towards another global territorial conflict was averted. Both the television revolution of the 70’s, followed by the advent of the popular Internet Age of the 80’s, played decisive roles in bringing disparate global communities (hailing from distinct philosophical traditions) together. Nowadays, with a Spectrum Cable Company, it has become possible for an individual located in one corner of the globe to connect and consciously empathize with someone else placed culturally apart; making ‘connectivity’ one of the overwhelmingly positive aspects of this new-age wonder. On the flip side, the internet (through its voluminous resources of historical and factual material) has also provided further intellectual ‘ammunition’ to groups that favor a more isolationist view towards social arrangements – and has helped to redefine a global zeitgeist in which racial tensions have been brought to the surface of observed cultural affairs.

Illustrating Trends:

The recent (2016) U.S Presidential Elections presented an illuminating case study on the global trends that happened to be endemic everywhere; particularly within the U.S. One side (the Democrats) largely favored traditional American politics with their emphasis on the merits of globalization, ethnic pluralism and population diversity, immigration, the Welfare State, and Big Government. The Republicans (who eventually triumphed in the race; with their sentiment resonating with the greater bulk of America’s largely Caucasian demographic), advocated for nationalism, a return to pre-Roosevelt isolationism, a dissolution of standing multilateral trade agreements in favor of bilateral arrangements, and a hasty withdrawal of American military forces garrisoned in the war-torn areas of Iraq and Afghanistan. A large number of media pundits anticipated a major victory for the democratic candidate Hilary Clinton (who sought to continue with Obama-era policies; albeit with a few important modifications intended to streamline the executive’s function). Employing cheap cable tv and internet services, many Trump supporters (who mostly hailed from the fringes of American society – and the conservative southern states) bypassed the mainstream media through (alt-right?) online platforms like Breitbart News, the Fox News Channel, as well as a host of populist conservative radio talk shows. Although many liberal media spectators were initially bemused at their counterparts’ zealous attempts to shift the national narrative, they soon admitted to the efficacy of their approach towards influencing and rallying voters to their cause (with the election results serving as an inglorious testament to their winning stratagems). Proponents of multiculturalism (who largely fall within the ambit of left-leaning, liberal politics) are now countering their victorious electoral opponents’ with a similar – internet & TV-based – strategy by publishing blogs and other vociferous online media content on a daily basis. Through their efforts, they hope to motivate and gear-up their public loyalists before the 2020 elections; when they will attempt to ‘rectify’ what they deem as the ‘anomalous’ legacy of the Trump presidency in Washington politics.

Fanning the Currents of Globalism:

Many Internet-based social convergence platforms like Ted (which invites motivational speakers from all across the world to share inspiring speeches and thought-provoking anecdotes from their personal and professional lives) and 99U (which is focused on ‘empowering the creative community’ – as per their pithy tagline) help to promote multiculturalism and the ‘One World’ ideal. Similarly, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which allow users to share all kinds of textual and graphic content (and together boast a planet-wide following of over 2.3 billion users, or roughly 30% of the global population – with this figure adjusted for service-usage congruence), have contributed their fair share in helping to bridge sociocultural divides between people. Using a reliable Spectrum Bundles, many teenagers, adolescents and young adults – who may not agree sufficiently with their guardians’ political and social views – have resorted to broadcasting their unique perspectives on the world and global culture on the internet, and in doing so, have gathered significant virtual fan followings. Popular video bloggers like Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg are good exemplars of this category of engaged youngsters.

Go Spectrum for all your Online Connectivity Needs:

With the rising interest in publicizing their individual perspectives on contemporary sociological phenomena, many people around the world are employing the internet as a suitable medium to fulfill their democratic obligations. Through an accredited TV internet service like Spectrum (available throughout the contiguous United States), they now feel empowered enough to dictate the dynamics of their own futures.

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My name is Rosie Harman (formerly Rosalie Glubbons), and I am a relationship coach, Yoga maestro and blogger. I write for buyinternetcable.com, and try to present my critical take on the latest sociocultural trends that dominate the blogosphere. I live in Indian River County, FL. My relationship status is single

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