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Have you purchased a new home or are about to put your home on the market?  One of the most important things to buyers is a home’s curb appeal.  Step across the street and take a critical look at the exterior of your home as well as your landscaping. Do you see need for improvement but aren’t quite sure where to start?  Select one of the many software options for landscaping design. Most of the software programs with multiple reviews are fairly simple to use and very intuitive. You can design your new landscaping on your computer then carve out time over a few weekends to execute your design.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and head to your local Home Depot for a huge selection of plant materials and landscaping supplies. Make a list of your priorities from your plan and prepare to dig!  All tree branches should be trimmed at least eight feet from the ground to allow grass to grow and light to enter your home. Trim all shrubs to below window height and away from walkways, driveways and stairways.  This is just as important for aesthetics as for safety.

Redefine the beds under trees and shrubbery. Larger, more mature shrubs can be complimented by planted smaller, more colorful flowers or shrubs in the front. This will allow for a nice graduated effect in the beds and add interest.  Lay fresh pine straw or pine needles where needed.

Consider investing in two large planters for the front porch. Select brightly colored seasonal flowers for the planters.  Take into consideration the amount of direct sunlight the porch area receives when selecting delicate bedding flowers for your planters.  A small bed of fresh seasonal flowers by the mail box or foot of the driveway also serves as a nice welcoming sign. Be careful not to overdo it with bedding flowers as these generally require a lot of maintenance and water to remain healthy and attractive. There’s nothing more unappealing than pots of dying plants.  Best of luck to you with your new landscape design!

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