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ECommerce Trends For 2019 To Boost Your Sales

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We are coming to the end of this year and waiting to do something new in next coming year. We can see the development in every sector and internet users are increasing with super speed. Reality is that mobile users are increasing day by day. As the world going digitally, online buyers are also growing.

For the eCommerce market, there are lots of changes and trends are comings as per the demand of customers. According to the forecasts of experienced economists, eCommerce business is growing more & more in 2019 with new trends and features.

Want to know the hottest trends of eCommerce in 2019? Here is the checklists are given to rock in 2019 for eCommerce business.

1. Augmented reality & Virtual reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual reality(VR) are the most rising trend in 2019 for eCommerce business. Augmented Reality (AR) creates a realizing environment for buyers. With this feature, visitors get attracted to buy the product.

Some of the sites are already started implementing Augmented Reality. 3D view of your product feels customers live view of the product. Let’s take one example of one eCommerce platform lenskart. Lenskart is providing eyewear products. In this, you can try out different frames and then go with the suitable frame.

With AR and VR buyer get exact idea about your product. AR is already made a huge change in e-commerce progress and it will become the game changer in 2019.

2. Custom Option feature

In this competitive market, showing only product image is not enough to increase conversations. Custom options are the way to showing your product as per buyers customization.

If the buyer wants a red color diamond on the ring then it shows in the image with a red diamond so the user gets exact idea about the product. This thing is shown in below image as well.

For Magento e-commerce platform there are extensions available to add custom options to your site. So, the power of this custom options feature is most trendy in 2019.

3. Advanced Product Search

If the customer will not found that they are looking for then immediately they leave your store. So, to give the customer what they exactly want then it’s user likes it more.

Due to this feature, the customer feels personalize on your site. And this thing will help you to increase your conversions. If you suggest more detailed suggestion on search box then efforts of finding that product will be decreased.

4. Chatbots & AI

Artificial intelligence already making the big effect on customers mind. If you are a regular customer of any shop then shopkeeper knows that what kind of products you like. Same as that in e-commerce store there are some concepts like AI and machine learning you know the likes and behavior of a customer.

According to the expert’s analysis, chatbots plays an important role and they play the role of the seller on your site. Through chatbots, companies receive details of customers, solve the issues of customers.

These bots are getting more smarter day by day with AI. They can do live chats with users. So, this feature will also get hot in 2019.

5. Better Customer Experience (Virtual Assistant)

Purchasing things from eCommerce store and physical store are a different thing. As a seller to sell on the physical shop and online shop are a different thing.

In the online store work of seller is done by a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant serves the product as per customer’s interest. So, in the upcoming year, this feature is also popular in the e-commerce business.

6. Mobile app Sway

In e-commerce business, website development is the first concern. As per prediction of experts mobile application industry will cross the $189 billion revenue by 2020.

As you know that mobile users are increasing day by day so, the mobile app of your store is needed. The mobile app also plays the role of branding. That is the reason most of the store owner promoting the mobile app. The mobile app is the clear site of increasing your revenue.

7. Voice Search

The widespread use of mobile will led to the user for the search on mobile. The user always like to search on mobile because they have a mobile with them for all time.

As per the prediction of experts, more than 50% search is done in this way. So, as having eCommerce business you need to add this feature to your site. So, it will definitely become the latest trend in 2019 for eCommerce business.

8. Social Shopping

Shopping from social media will be increasing due to the presence of people on social media. You have to sell your products where your customers are. Social media channels attract more people day by day due to its new features.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media are the most famous. These platforms are providing the facility to run shopping ads as per our targeted audience. In the future, this platform will increase to attract people. So, this is very beneficial for your business. If you are running ads on different platforms then your business will grow more. So, think about this feature to grow your eCommerce business in 2019.

9. Multi-Channel Messaging

Users are being more online and stay on multiple channels. So, multi-channel messaging is required to reach to the customer. Reach out through mail, notifications, SMS, and suggestions in an app.

In each channel, you can analyze the recipient’s behavior. If you reach to customers with multiple channels then they may seem to personalize and get interested in your store and product. Multichannel marketing plays the major role in increasing conversion rate.

Social media marketing is also playing an effective role in to reach to the customers. So, this trend will also important in 2019 for e-commerce business.

In conclusion:

This is the trendy point of e-commerce business in 2019. These points are written with my deep analysis. Let me know if you want to discuss any point. I will be happy to answer your queries. Let me know your reviews about this points. I hope this points will help you to understand the latest trends in 2019 for e-commerce business.

Happy Reading..!

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