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Do you Need Unlock Code for iPhone 7?

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The iPhone 7 was launched in India in September 2016 and in spite of costing a hefty amount, the sales of the phone never dipped in the market. The phone had every feature you could possibly dream of. With an aluminium body and a front glass, this latest iPhone could resist dust and water up to 1 metre for almost 30 minutes. Weighing around 138 grams with a single Nano-SIM slot, the Apple iPhone 7 has a primary camera of 12 megapixels with Quad LED dual-tone flash supporting HDR quality and a secondary camera of 7 megapixels supporting face detection, panorama with HDR quality. Video on this phone could be recorded at 1080p and it came powered by stereo speakers.

With fingerprint sensor along with an accelerometer, proximity, gyro, barometer and compass, the Apple iPhone 7 was available at a lower cost if it was locked to some cellular network from the very beginning. In such a case, you have to use the phone for a certain period of time availing the services of the locked network. After a while, if you wish to unlock from the particular network then you need to get access to the iPhone 7 unlock code which will allow you to shift to another network provider of your choice and enjoy its benefits.

There are majorly three methods of unlocking- the hardware method, the software method and the IMEI unlock method. The first two methods are completely unavailable now and only the third method is currently followed by everyone because it is legal and easy. Initially, the hardware method led to severe damage through experimentation by a third party or the owners as some of the crucial parts got misplaced or destroyed. Apple could not bear the charges of repairing these parts of the warranted phones as they led to a pressure on Apple’s tech and financial bases. So, Apple declared not to provide free services even if the phone was within the warranty period.

However, the software method was available till iPhone 3. But after the launch of the Apple iPhone 4, this form of unlocking also got obsolete. So, the only way in which you can unlock your iPhone 7 is through IMEI method.

How to unlock iPhone 7?

  1. To unlock your phone first find out the IMEI number. You can find out this number by dialling *#06# from your handset or you can find it from the package box or cash memo of your handset.
  2. You need to submit this 15 digit number IMEI number to the customer care for giving them an access to the Apple master database. The master database compiles all the IMEI of all the Apple handsets. The expert will know the status of the phone whether it is locked or unlocked.
  3. As the authorised experts change the status of the phone from locked to unlocked, your handset will be unlocked from the previous network provider and now you can shift to any other network provider you desire. This is a legal method of unlocking and you can unlock your phone by paying a nominal fee within 3 working days.

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