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Django Vs Laravel (Python Vs Php): Head to Head Comparison Between Champions

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Application development is a quite long & complicated process. Lucky for all of us, skilled developers have grouped together to make a great web application framework (WAF) with a specific end goal to improve things.

Choosing a framework for your application is equal to building a foundation for your home. It will need to help all that you intend to make, so it’s important to get it right. The framework you pick will have its impacts (good or bad) throughout the life of your application.

The issue is that there is sufficient differentiating and one-sided data on the web to mislead you. Our article gives our opinion regarding web development frameworks – we’re a web development company and enthusiasts of the Django framework, however, we will leave our perspectives aside & focus on the facts in this article. We’ve had great achievements building applications with Django, however, wouldn’t propose that each application will be developed using one framework.

Actually, the truth is, both Django and Laravel have enthusiasts that could convince you of either, but you should make your decision based on your needs and what kind of application you’re going to create. Here we’ll provide some basic information that actually makes this a pretty simple decision.

History of Django and Laravel

Django, an open source & powerful framework for web development written in the Python programming language. In Django, Model View Template (MVT) architecture pattern is followed. This framework is used to build up the complex web applications. Django framework was created by the Django Software Foundation.

Laravel, one of the most popular open source framework of PHP web development. Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is followed in Laravel. It was created & developed by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is authorized by the MIT License. Laravel needs fundamental or advanced information of PHP and this framework can be used to develop Content Management System (CMS) applications.

Django is being used in some of the most popular & widely used websites like Mozilla, Instagram, Bitbucket, Pinterest etc. Django is lightweight and has standalone feature for development, and testing purposes. The primary objective of the Django framework is to facilitate the development of complex web applications in lesser time. The Steps to follow to Create WordPress Website.

Laravel has great features to build up a web application from scratch in an easier way. The development time can be reduced in terms of framework feature which provides inbuilt features to ease the life of a developer.

Conclusion – Django VS Laravel (When to use Django or Laravel)

We could still discuss & write more on pros & cons of each framework, but at last, it tends to come down to opinions and preferences. For example:

    • Development costs. One could debate that Laravel will cost less as PHP is more popular and has more developer who is more affordable & less expensive, while Python is a cleaner programming language with fewer lines of code, driving down long-term maintenance costs for Django projects.
    • Security truly comes down to the code instead of the framework or programming language, and also a point to argue about the languages to be more complicated which leads to cause more errors.
  • Every framework has an advance community with amazing assets. There’s no clear champ or a winner here.

Did you get what we’re trying to say? There’s no clear winner in many categories. At last, it truly comes down to what you’re attempting to build. There’s a lot of different opinions and preferences relating to each framework, but it’s really as easy as this: Simple applications = Laravel, and PHP. Complex, Powerful and dynamic applications = Django and Python.

If you decide that your custom software needs to be more complex and powerful, please reach out to Kanhasoft! We are a team of expert developers specializing in the Django application development and would love to consult with you about creating a dynamic, powerful application.

Carol Dobson

Carol Dobson is the Marketing Manager at the Kanhasoft - leading CRM and ERP Development Company. She loves to share content about the Amazon seller applications, PHP, .Net, Android, iOS and Django development.

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