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Discussing the 5 Skills of Essay Writing for Writing an Essay

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Essay writing is a task that demands a variety of skills to students. Students generate lots of skills through essay writing. Skills that students acquire through essay writing are comprehension, creative thinking, analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills. If students master these 5 skills of essay writing, then they will realize that writing an essay of different type is no longer a problem for them. Let’s discuss about the 5 skills of essay writing:

Comprehension Skills:

Comprehension skills test the understanding skills of the students about a particular topic. Students must have clear understanding of the topic if they want to explain something that is, important for the readers. Comprehension skills of the students inform the readers how much students have understood the given topic. Comprehension skills are great to improve expository writing.

Creative Thinking Skills:

Students need to think creatively if they want to improve their creative thinking skills. Students need to think out of the box to generate creative ideas for an essay. Brainstorming assists students to gather useful ideas for writing. Students need to think the way other students cannot think to utilize their creative thinking skills. These skills are great for narrative writing.

Analytical Skills:

Analytical skills are also useful skills for writing an essay. Students must create a clear picture in the minds of the readers about an essay topic utilizing these skills. Students should make use of all five senses including hear, see, touch, smell, and taste to describe an event or a person or a place or a thing. These skills are great for descriptive writing.

Critical Thinking Skills:

These skills are not simple to attain. Students need to have a sharp and crystal-clear mind to acquire these skills. Creative thinking skills are obligatory for students if they want to come up with the viewpoints in an essay. Students can never come up with a strong argument if they lack creative thinking skills. These skills are great for argumentative or persuasive essay writing.

Writing Skills:

Writing skills are the most crucial essay writing skills, and they are required for writing all types of essays. Students need to have command over English Grammar if they want to make a name for themselves in essay writing. Tenses, Narrations, Voices, Correct Forms of Verbs, Sentence Completion, Rules of Using Articles, and Parts of Speech are the skills that students need to master for effective essay writing.

If a student acquires the above-mentioned 5 essential skills of essay writing, then he or she will not need to ask others: Will you do my essay fast? Can you do my essay for me?

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