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Digital Marketing Trends for Realtors 2019

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How important is it to have a blog? Study done by NAR lists that on an average 77% of the realtors are not running their own blogs and only 13 % are planning to have one in the near period. One factor that can drive the lead for you is SEO.

As per the report, it has been observed that realtors, who have a blog, have minimum 6 years of experience or even more than that. In-fact less experience realtors can also benefit by making a blog which will help them in marketing.

Owning a website:

It has been seen that only 26% of the realtors have their own website and 42% have the website which has been provided to them by their firm. Making and maintaining a website is really important for SEO for increasing organic web traffic. If you want to build brand awareness among people, owning a website should be the main SEO approach.

You can also take help of a full stack digital marketerfor developing a website.

Use more videos:

If you actually want to engage with the customers, make sure that you use videos as well. Trend of videos is growing among customers and you can consult an online marketing strategy consultant to make appropriate videos and content for you.

As per the data, it has been seen that only 14% of the realtors used videos in 2018 and that too weekly not daily. You should make sure that you use videos, as it is a big opportunity for gaining more focus and have an edge over others. This is evident since the ones who are using it are leading the pack.

Use Instagram as it is very much in trend:

One of the flourishing platforms in today’s time is Instagram. Nowadays more people are getting attached to social media and use Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as well. These platforms will give you an added advantage as only 28% of the realtors are using Instagram. If you are one of the realtors who have never used any of these platforms, this is the right time to take full advantage out of it or can also ask a full stack digital marketing consultant to advise you on it.

Role of a Women Realtor:

It has been seen that women are much more active then the male realtors on social media. One of the most popular among all is Facebook at a usage of 80%. Being operative on social media can be a major factor in gaining prosperity for a realtor.

How comfortable are realtors using Social Media:

Very less realtors are complacent using social media for business. This can only be improved by posting more and more content, which will help realtors gaining more confidence. With the assistance of a full stack digital agency, you can make excellent blogs and articles for your site.

 Social Media will help realtors a lot in brand building,g but it is not about direct sales.

Talking to clients with messenger:

41% of the realtors do not use messenger app to communicate with their customers which is very shocking. Every realtor should make sure that they use messenger to connect with their customers as it will help them is establishing their brand and building better relations with their customers by being readily available. Keep in mind that you can also seek help from a full stack marketing agency for that as well.

Insights that might work for you-:

  • Use of social media should be the top most priority as there are very few realtors that are currently making use of it. Well there are other opportunities as well other than Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Do not forget to include videos when use post a blog, as it will keep the customers connected and make the blog interesting.
  • Start becoming more comfortable with social media platforms and new use of technology. It will definitely give you an edge over others.

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